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  1. I've been trying to hunt for a FLAC copy of the +44 cover of Christmas Vacation from Kevin & Bean's Super Christmas, it's the last b-side of theirs i'm missing in said quality and thought i'd take a chance on someone here having it
  2. Any chance you could hook me up too please Ghost? Still searching for it since i made this thread
  3. I lost this awhile back and would love to get it back, i remember it being 160kbps.
  4. Good to knoww, have always enjoyed Goldfinger up til now!
  5. Totally expecting California part 3 but will still give this a listen when it leaks
  6. Looking to finally complete my AVA collection and i'm after these 2 last tracks in FLAC, if anyone can hook a brother up via PM it would be greatly appreciated! The Adventure (Live From Del Mar) [I-Empire Indie Exclusive Edition] Star Of Bethlehem (Original Full Length) [SOB Promo CDS]
  7. Feldmann not using his own methods & taking 9 years to write a new Goldfinger album. He knows his methods are horseshit
  8. The mods deleted the thread, his account is still up
  9. Yeah exactly, that site is just using the date that Deezer in New Zealand releases the tracks on their platform
  10. Ughh... they couldn't even be bothered to record it in the studio, seriously? I hope the performance was good, i never saw the video of it... expecting weak vocals tbh
  11. Anyone got the full song? the youtube link is down already
  12. Official release date is the 18th, not the 17th!
  13. That's 100% percent impossible, the 17th yeah but no way are any countries that far ahead. Wishful thinking bro!
  14. Nope but that'll be because it's being released on the 18th not the 17th... it'll leak tomorrow
  15. If anyone can hook me up with Point of View (Track 10) from the original Buddha tape, since it seems to be missing from Julian's link! Huge thankyou to everyone in this thread for the help so far, it's cool to see that this thread was useful to others too!
  16. Thankyou very much!!! Buddha seems to be missing Track 10 & 15 however...
  17. Wow, thankyou for bringing these to my attention. These are much better! Still on the hunt for the rest of the Buddha tape in 192 until the higher quality rip surfaces in full. I think the Enema Of The State demo that is circling in 160kbps is a different rip from the 192, quality wise there is a big difference (i managed to find one track from the 192 on my old ipod for comparison).
  18. Could end up being the other tracks will be saved for another album
  19. It's a link from New Zealand Deezer, i used a VPN and it shows this: Whereas in other countries it says it's not available in your country. It works out about midday 17th for me with timezone differences! Two days before my bday.
  20. They've just listed the names of tracks that Travis threw out in the Billboard interview, plus Hey I'm Sorry.
  21. This is my last resort, i've looked through public/private torrents... they are either dead or the lower quality versions. I appreciate the help! Thankyou very much for these Zoltan!
  22. I lost all the blink-182 demo tapes to a hdd crash a couple of months back (no goddamn backup!) and have been trying to track them down in the original bitrate they were ripped in since i downloaded them when they were first uploaded to the internet back in the day. I'm sure someone here still has them stashed away somewhere. I believe they were all in 192kbps, there are lower quality copies floating on the net but would rather reacquire the original rips! Flyswatter Untitled 2nd Demo Original Buddha Tape Enema Of The State (Demo) Also if anyone has the +44 - Make You Smile demo (original 320kbps download from 44disasters), offtopic but didn't fancy making a seperate thread just for this one track in +44 forum! I appreciate that these may not be allowed to be posted so i would greatly appreciate a PM on any of these! Thanks
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