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  1. Woah, its been years since I posted here, but once I heard the news I had to come to the good old blink-boards. I think that Mark and Travis have been "covering" for Tom for awhile now. I feel like Tom hasn't been 100% into Blink since before the first reunion. Its obvious that M&T genuinely love playing and love blink and it sees like Tom is just in it for financial reasons. Using Blink as a platform to make all of his "side projects" bigger and gain more fans.
  2. My god I havent been here in forever and I come back and Loliver is still obsessing over blink in negative ways LOL!
  3. Untitled Enema Of the State Dude Ranch TOYPAJ Cheshire Cat Neighborhoods / Dogs Eating Dogs Buddha
  4. lmao @ this" "This is just so .. fucking creepy... i'm waiting for tom to be locked up naked in a cage in the background of one of your videos.. Reply · 22 l
  5. Someone help me find video of this show. Its when they got a few fans to re-do the WMAA video. They even painted on the tattoos of travis and tom on the guys to make it look real. Someone has to know what I'm talking about.
  6. Its cool that blink is still relevant enough for you to get a tattoo like that. As much as I don't want to admit it, they aren't what they used to be to me anymore. They will always be that band that got me through tough times and break ups in highschool, but being in my mid 20's those days are long gone. Don't get me wrong, i'll defiantly see them when they come through town, but I and alot others here would be lying if they said they are still as relevant as they were say 03-08 ish. I'll remember those good times forever but its not something I'd want with me forever if you get what I mean,
  7. haha "fame", what a fucking space case. Little did he know that after he left Tom was probably like holy fuck that was creepy. I mean he's not going to tell someone who paid and waited in line to see him that they are fucking weird and pathetic, of course hes gonna be like "oh shit rad dude, awesome", lol.
  8. I'm sure you have something of the equivalent of a hot topic, and you could of definalty gotten two shirts with postage online for the price of one if you looked around good enough, but I'm just saying. Whatever floats your boat, its just redic that they'd make you pay that much, as almost 50$ is what those douche ed hardy shirts costs lol.
  9. I don't care what part of the planet you live on or how far a band had to come, not only is it fucking pathetic and scummy to charge 45$ for a fucking t-shirt, but you also have to be the biggest idiot in the world to spend that much on one. Especially since you can most likely just go to your local "hot topic" or whatever its called near you and buy the same shirt for 15-20$, maybe even a better deal online.
  10. Flying to see the Australia shows you should of known this risk from the start. Why would Travis take a month long boat trip for a 2 week tour? At least it sounds like he tried to do the whole flying thing, but couldn't. Just be greatful that they all didn't cancel and you still get to see the main part of blink, plus no one will ever see blink with another drummer again so its a rare cool thing only you guys will experience.
  11. Any decently popular bands will sell a shit load of tickets after a long "break up"
  12. I'm talking about blink not +44. And I'm pretty sure +44 would be the headliner with FOB opening for them if that ever went down, unless I'm wrong.
  13. Once again, Mark NEVER needed Pete. They would of sold out bigger shows and more records regardless of weather he befriended pete or not. Anyone with any common sense can understand this. ( No personal attack intended )
  14. Funny how Oliver acts like Mark needed Wentz. It doesnt matter what chart FOB was on top of blink and mark will always be more famous and always have more money.
  15. facepalm at everything Oliver has said. First off, I'd put money on it that Mark has Pete's number and vice versa, and I'm sure they send some chit chit through text messages maybe even a quick phone call once in awhile. I never thought you'd have to consistently name someone in interviews and such to "prove" you're still friends with them. Only in Olivers world lmao.
  16. lol right? Is this kid joking or something, that was one chord strummed distorted as shit.
  17. I don't think they are really greedy per say. The meet and greet for $500 was a greedy type of thing to do, but overall they aren't greedy like you try to make them out to be Oliver, and most people agree with me. If you want to be technical, then yes EVERYONE is technically greedy, but as for blink doing the dollar bill tour, keep a breast, and donating to many other charities, some of which we probably don't even know, is far from it. If they wanted to, they could make their merch way more expensive, and up the price of album sales too, but I think its a very modest price they keep those sai
  18. If they earned it in a legit way, and people legit and willingly spent it on them, then I think it shouldn't be "is blink greedy", more as "are the people that spent the 500$ to see them crazy".
  19. You have no clue what your talking about, I literally just laughed.
  20. OH MY GAWD, SO MUCH LOLZ IN THIS. Dude Fender came to THEM, as the other instrument sponsors as did Hurley. Its a fucking systematic business Those companies saw that Blink was super popular at the time and was....hold on...wait for it...MAKING MONEY. So in turn they decided to give them free shit as long as they wore / played it....hold on again.....so the companies made MORE MONEY. Fender, Hurley, and the rest of those companies didn't need to make money off of blink, but they did. Even without a penny of blink money, they'd still be huge half billion dollar companies. Don't you get it, its
  21. and not to be a dick dark but I make 2000+ a month delivering food as a side job, so I can't fathom how you can't get a job or two where you make more then 5K a year. Having a kid when you had no money to support yourself also wasn't smart either but I'm not judging you.
  22. he says "Christmas" really weird lol
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