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  1. I honestly haven't studied pics of you, but I do remember the shots of you and AVA from 2008, and then the one of you and Blink in like 2016 and I couldn't believe it was the same person to be honest. Who cares really but I figured if you were going to say I look older than a 47 year old guy, it was fair game.
  2. I just buzzed my hair like I had in in 2008. I look almost the same. I am going to shoot a message board talk word for word from one in 2008. I can even wear the same exact clothes. I bet in 11 year you won't be able to see any difference.
  3. To be fair, he looks younger than you. Dead serious.
  4. Mark's face is rapidly aging. He looks old as hell.
  5. So here is what I think of this song.
  6. Kind of cool https://www.ebay.com/itm/Janine-Lindemulder-Signed-Personally-Worn-Glove-BAS-COA-Blink-182-Porn-Autograph/332231475217?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908131621%26meid%3D76234cc6b0f54bc9847ec45ed7f3d4f4%26pid%3D100678%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D392218078392%26itm%3D332231475217&_trksid=p2481888.c100678.m3607&_trkparms=pageci%3A75780c16-1ce9-11e9-ba69-74dbd180366f|parentrq%3A6cbba5351680ab455f87cb07fffcbb5d|iid%3A1
  7. Coming from the edgelord who spent how many years on here going all out on people? Cowboy butts drive me nuts?
  8. Maybe tell Ghent that? He is a straight up troll. He keep saying how amazing Feldmann is but can't even justify any of his bullshit. So just let it go? Why am I obligated to do that?
  9. I could spout off about 30 different reasons why Feldmann sucks and every single reason I would list, has never once been actually addressed by you. It is really that pathetic. Countless hours, and countless posts, and you don't have a fucking clue in the world how to actually defend the bullshit you say. Its pretty sad.
  10. I remember the time I made a list of all the things you hadn't address. Only had to go like 5 pages back to come up with about a list of 10 items. So imagine if I really dug in? I remember posting them, and you still didn't address them. Your smoke and mirrors bullshit doesn't actually work on me. But its hilarious that you think it does!
  11. Nah, I am just stating a fact. I've said many times before, you've never once in the history of this board been capable of actually arguing your point. So I find your above response kind of humerous.
  12. Feldmann will ultimately be discredited as being a good influence on Blink. We are already pretty much there. But eventually Blink will turn on him as well. Its just a matter of time. Its no different than the Tom situation. Ghent is on the losing end of this. All his trolling in the world on this subject just digs him a deeper hole.
  13. He told me his fiancies were none of my business. I said "spoken like a true capitalist". I could feel the steam coming out of his ass.
  14. I would, I told Craig from PLus 44 he was a hypocrite because he was bitching about how capitalism sucks and yet he was literally in a band with two guys worth tens of millions of dollars. He got all butthurt too because he knew I was right.
  15. Just heard that clip That shit sounds like California and Feldman. Washed out vocals, shit guitar/drums. I weep for their future.
  16. I don't hear any volume. Just see Feldmann love tapping the guy he picked up at the gay bar last night.
  17. If I ran into Mark, my question to him would be. "Hey Mark could you just do me a favor and write 1 fucking song without the help of John Feldmann? Why do you need a writer for hire to hold your hand during the songwriting process?" Write it @Italian Throwaway Do you really need a guitar pick?
  18. You are overthinking this. You clearly said some shit. Mark got offended and blocked you. The end. Its like you want to claim that you didn't say anything offensive. You did. Which was good, because it was the truth. Post more truth. The truth needs to be spoken. Stop being a little Mark ass licker bowing to him.
  19. Mark has always been ridiculously sensitive. If you look at interviews with him, he shows annoying at the slightest hardball question. He has quite social media outlets many many times over negative comments going back as far as 1999 when he'd no longer participate in the Blink 182 chatroom because someone called him a sellout, like 1 person out of 10 million. He is fragile.
  20. I see Feldmann has grown his Freddie Mercury homosexual stache. I bet he hits the gay bars at night. Not that there is anything wrong with any of it. Its just kind of like stating a fact.
  21. In that dancing video of Jen, (with her consent) I'd have thrown her over that couch and done bad things to her right then and there. Music going, video camera rolling, blinds open, and (in all likelihood) kids upstairs passed out because she gave them a heavy does of Tylenol Pm.
  22. Are there any bands out there that Feldmann produces but doesn't cowrite their music? I bet not!!! So Blink literally couldn't have used those songs if they went with Feldmann.
  23. Ghent fanfic. We don't know the truth. But There are plenty of facts to support that it was at least decent. Given that, I don't know, he's written good songs before like at least a few times!! Mark might just not have had the confidence in his own work and it all it took was publicity hound Feldmann to tell Blink the songs sucked to get them in his studio. Feldmann had vested interest in scrapping those songs. He'd make more money as a cowriter and it would give him the control he craves. I doubt Feldmann would have taken Blink on as clients if they insisted on writing their own material. Not enough "meat on the bone" for him.
  24. The video totally contradicts what she wrote. She hates social media, she likes to dance like no one is watching. Yet she made a video of herself dancing to post on social media so a bunch of people would watch. She is a loony. I am also starting to think Tom left her.
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