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  1. I was so off base with my assumptions about Bad Bunny. I thought he was like a "Deadmau5" or "marshmallow" type act. Had no idea he was Puerto Rican and sang lol. I had him pegged as a rap collaborator type
  2. I know it's shallow of me but I can't help but think of Coight whenever he talks lol
  3. Started the White Lotus. I thought all this time it was some trippy horror show or something. Would have checked it out a long time ago if I knew it was this kind of show. Love it so far!
  4. I was just looking for a good show to watch. I'd prefer a people show featuring zombies but didn't go into it with expectations. Almost turned it off I was so bored. But I thought people were shitting on Episode 3?
  5. Just watched the first episode. I don’t get the hype. I thought it was really boring and uninteresting besides the very beginning sequences set in 2003. Don’t mean to be a killjoy, but this is a played out genre and this doesn’t add anything to it for me besides fungus and Pedro Pascal.
  6. "Silent whistle" lol...ref was running around waving his hands blowing the whistle. Just because they couldn't hear it it's not supposed to be valid? This fake refs narrative is just a lame way for people to cope with seeing the Chiefs deep in the playoffs every year. If Joe Burrow and the Bengals kept winning they would be 1000x more hated than the Chiefs. Bunch of arrogant bastards. Mahomes won that game with a C-Team squad of receivers with a bum ankle against Burrow slinging to THREE NFL WR1s. Terrible loss for the Bengals. Sorry your O-line blows dick, it's not the Chiefs or refs fault
  7. I'll trust the blink opinion of a 7 year old over an adult who considers "Angels and Airwaves" a high achievement of modern music any day 💁‍♀️
  8. lol damn I thought we had a new assertive member on our hands... nope, just FAP being a tard
  9. I've posted this before, but I have a local cop whose name is literally Jefferson Davis.
  10. We need this meme with your face instead of Leo's. Will you take a pic for us to use lol
  11. Who are you to say how fast I can safely drive? I've got the reflexes of a cat and the coordination of Michael Jordan over here. I can safely drive 110, weaving in and out of traffic, no big deal Stop pushing your big government ideas on me
  12. I think his political beliefs can be summed up by: "whatever is best for me personally at any given moment"
  13. Damn, I thought you were all about unchecked freedom though? What happened to that? Just because you're a shit driver with no coordination everyone else should have to drive slower and pay fines to the government if they don't? Does not compute
  14. $18 an hour to mostly give people speeding tickets and get hero level praise from pieces of shit on Facebook. What a job! I hope they let him take off for his Rock and Roll HOF induction
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