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  1. Konami dropped the price of Ground Zeroes to $30 (PS4 and XBone) and $20 (PS3 and 360) for the retail version. Pre-order numbers must've been bad or they didn't want to get all that bad press.
  2. It's not the length that really bothers me per say, although $20 would suffice, I feel it's essentially a demo we're paying top dollar for making MGS 5 in all $100 in the USA. I just bought The Last of Us "Left Behind" dlc. I don't mind paying $15 for it but imagine if it was twice that. People would be hesitant to pay that much for simple dlc but MGS is getting a little bit of a break for it. I don't care how long it is but price wise it's a bit much. I feel bad for supporting it because then other companies may follow suit. I'll pick it up used or on sale but not full price and it pains me t
  3. I already think this guy will be better than Cole. I wasn't a fan of Cole but I loved the games. I already have it paid off. Metal Gear is too iffy. Maybe I'll get it used cause I can't support $40 for a demo.
  4. I bought a PS4. Other than the large installs it's quite a nice system. Can't wait for more games though. My PSN is TheLivingStatue
  5. My friends and I were discussing the new Batman flick and I am becoming more open to Ben. I think my main issue is that I don't like Superman so I have to deal with slight apprehension of Ben mixed with a character I detest. Then we began discussing the Joker. He's not my favorite Batman villain but he is the main one. As much as I loved Heath he eventually has to be recast and because I am being led to believe that this Batman is a little older I feel Joker should be as well. My pick is Denis O'Hare, fans of True Blood know him as Russell Edgington. I feel he can pull it off because this scen
  6. I'm open to Affleck like I said, I just don't trust them to handle this movie gracefully. Marvel set everything up perfectly giving everyone their own movie, only Superman will have technically had a movie in this universe. It just comes off as too cluttered, much like how Amazing Spider-Man 2 is sounding.
  7. My problem with DC, with the exception of Nolan's films, is that they try to go for huge stars most of the time. I have nothing against Affleck but I can't see him as Batman and I feel like they are using him because of his name. Marvel very rarely uses huge stars in their movies or if they do, they use them gracefully. Hugh Jackman wasn't that big when X-Men came out. Robert Downey Jr. was a liability ridden, drug addict to most studios and look how that turned out. He's my favorite hero casting ever. I'd be more behind DC as a whole if they stopped going for the big name on the poster and us
  8. I want a PS4 but there is just nothing that makes me want to go spend $400+ on it. Most of the games I can get on current gen and I'm not really interested in Killzone or Knack enough to drop the money.
  9. After this last ONE news about Kinect not being required I'm starting to kind of want one now. I'll probably just hold off for awhile anyways. I picked up a 360 finally replacing my old one. My GT is SilverGhost121 if anyone wants to add me. I'll be playing Splinter Cell: Blacklist for awhile.
  10. It's not really that it's worse tech as it was running current games on day one whereas 360 and PS3 launch games were not exactly lookers in most cases. It has potential to surpass them and the Gamepad has no lag which is also pretty amazing as I'm not expecting that performance out of the PS4/Vita. The problem is that it was released in 2012 and going against the PS4 and XBONE. Had it been released in 2010 then things may be much different where we would be able to see the Wii U's potential without knowing what the new systems are capable of. Many people I talk to also say that it just needs
  11. I will honestly be surprised if the Wii U does even GameCube numbers at this point. I'm a pretty big Nintendo fan and even I bailed. Games may be coming but they're also coming for the PS3 and 4 in droves and honestly I'm tired of Mario having to be the savior. When the biggest innovation to the series is clear warp pipes and a fucking cat suit there has to be some sort of sick joke I'm not in on. I'm pretty much Sony only at this point as Microsoft has nothing to win me over other than maybe another Alan Wake.
  12. Now playing Far Cry 3. Took a couple tries to get into but now I am really liking it.
  13. Everyone will hate him once he cashes in on Bryan like 5 seconds if he beats Cena at SummerSlam
  14. Why is it that any wrestler I ever like never gets a push. While I don't hate Sandow winning MitB I was banking on Wade Barrett getting it as I see a great future for him. He needs to be better booked. I'm not mad that Sandow, and probably Cody eventually, ended up with it though. I like all 3 to be honest and the whole WHC trounced the WWE match in my eyes.
  15. Beat TLoU again and was ready for a third play through but decided to give Resident Evil: Revelaitons a go on PS3. Also traded in my iPhone 4S to Gamestop since I got a Galaxy and they gave me $300 for it so my PS4 is almost paid off!!
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