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  1. No worries. I've been playing guitar for 20 years and doing little mods for 15ish years. I got a silver HSS strat years ago and modded it like Tom's, but I recently replaced the invader with a JB and put the neck and middle pickups and the tone knobs back on there.
  2. You'll enjoy your time here so much more if you learn to take a joke. I know TD strats go for way more than they're worth these days and I wouldn't pay $2k+ for one either. A partscaster build is the way to go for anyone who wants TD-style guitar.
  3. That's a TD copy. Even though he makes 6 figures, Diddy can't afford a genuine Delonge strat.
  4. I thought you said it to more than just one person. Either way, it's been years.
  5. Get the blink-182 nonsense out of the Faplord meltdown thread.
  6. We've all been harassed by Speedo at one time or another. Most of us take it in stride!
  7. I'd love to be on Team Fap someday, but I can't get past the faux tough guy shit. Like, I thought it was a rule of the internet that threatening to hit/fight someone was an automatic loss.
  8. Yeah, it was weird hearing Dustin complain about paying taxes.
  9. Apparently that lifestyle involves threatening internet strangers with violence to their teeth.
  10. A long arm with a tattoo of a brand logo, which I wouldn't understand because I wasn't part of the movement.
  11. I think the 10-minute ban really got to him. It might take him a while to recover.
  12. This song is great. And the video is very fun for anyone who's seen But I'm a Cheerleader.
  13. The finale didn't make me cry, but the 4th episode did.
  14. Probably not that entertaining for non-posters. What do you think @mahtmd?
  15. The ban is over and he's not back yet!
  16. We were fine with you having two accounts, but using it to get around a ban is a problem. We might have revoke access.
  17. You make a good point. I gave him a short ban to cool down.
  18. Have you ever knocked someone's teeth out before?
  19. So the cycle goes like this: things start getting difficult in your real life, so you blow off steam online and act like a jackass and when that doesn't go well, your real life is still shit and it gets too overwhelming, so you rage quit?
  20. If it seemed even remotely credible, I'd take it seriously, but this is more like a little kid having a tantrum.
  21. Weird how it happened immediately after your last big meltdown here. I'm sure it wasn't related though.
  22. Sounds like you're about to take another "break from all social media," huh?
  23. You're the one who's been going around digging up old posts to make fun of people who aren't even here anymore and can't fight back.
  24. Will you ever recover from being called a dweeb and a "dufos"?
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