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  1. Why would you assume it'd take you all day to learn? Are you really bad?
  2. Would it really take you all day to learn that song? Yikes.
  3. Please be fully clothed in your videos.
  4. That's why Grimace tattoos are the way to go.
  5. There's probably someone with the McDonald's logo who goes around saying the same thing. 😂
  6. Trust me, I'd make fun of them too.
  7. You got a brand logo tattooed on you? Do you also have a swoosh somewhere?
  8. I know, I just wanted to make that joke.
  9. Shocking that a group of mostly 30-something blink fans aren't representative of music fans as a whole.
  10. We're gonna need a note from a psychiatrist or a registered psychologist @FAPLORD.
  11. You've imploded on here before, I'm just looking out for you!
  12. I mean this genuinely, not as an insult, but it seems like you're having some kind of mental health episode. I don't think you're actually really angry or anything, you just seem to be obsessing over the boards these past few days and that's a bit of a red flag to me, so maybe consider taking a step back to reflect and check in with yourself.
  13. @FAPLORD did you run out of medication? Do you need some Erexucine?
  14. Remember that weird account Erexucine or something (sounded like boner pills) that would randomly angry react to really old posts?
  15. @FAPLORD did you lose your job or something? Why are you spamming so much?
  16. I can't see Tom ever making blink a priority again.
  17. I just had a look at the IMDB and I agree that the first couple of episodes are on the weaker side. I really like the third one though (Serenity Now). Now that I look through the list of episodes for that season, I think it's probably a bit weaker overall, but I do think it has some real gems in there.
  18. I like it overall. How far into it are you?
  19. You would be the target audience if only you were still a blink fan. 😭
  20. I want to know who the target audience is for that merch. Is there a big overlap between blink and Guy Fieri fans that I've never heard of before?
  21. I love it. It always makes me wonder what a blink album would have sounded like if they'd released one in 2006 or so.
  22. Might I suggest going outside for at least a few minutes every month or so?
  23. No, if he starts posting like a human being, that's when we'll have to wonder if he's been hacked.
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