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  1. Is Odi still on here? Would love to hear him do an acoustic cover of Edging and whatever else we get!!! Odi, come back!!!!
  2. I'll always get excited when new JEW music comes out and it never disappoints. Great song, and I really like the simplicity yet awesome music video too. I miss when Jim was doing his Pass-Through Frequencies show and interviewing artists, really interesting to hear his take on recording and producing coupled with other awesome artists like Mark.
  3. Yessssssss!!!! I'm late to the party, but I can't wait to watch this!
  4. haha, i figured i was late to the game as always,sigh
  5. That sounds awesome! Going to check it out now and sub!
  6. Release date Spring/Summer 2023 https://blink182merch.com/products/marks-pink-white-marble-lp-vinyl-limited-d2c-exclusive-color
  7. Hey guys, so with the collective amount of people we have in here I thought it would be a cool idea to start a topic on this. I searched for just a generic post like this and couldn't find one so sorry if I missed something that was already going. So yea, post your youtube channels in here, would love to see what everybody on the boards creates if they do, and support everybody. Will certainly sub to you guys channels to help out! Personally, recently I had a comic channel (www.youtube.com/comicsbythebay) that I was pushing hard cause my came to me with the idea and wanted my help. Sadly after about 6 months he just called it quits after not getting his way, even though I bent over backwards to try to do what he wanted, oh well. Sometimes you find out who your friends are and who is just using you. With that departure I had an empty void of uploading weekly content and have decided to start my personal channel based on things I like: Photography, and a joke news channel called WMATTT which is piggy backing off my dad's funny facebook videos. So yea, to start, here's mine: WMATTT / MSP
  8. That Instagram post made me stoked! Sounds a little bit more like old Tom and not crazy Tom. If the main goal is just having fun with friends while creating music we could be in good times!
  9. If i'm going to be completely honest after many many listens to this (and many brews) the thing that is annoying me most is travis' drums. they're simple compared to usual blink, which i'm ok with... but it's the digital drums with the over perfect same sound every hit that is annoying. i miss the drums when they sounded like drums recorded analog, maybe this is old fuddy duddy me hating, but its the one thing that keeps annoying me
  10. i can see the perspective from both views on this post. i think it was a good move, could it have been done a little more humble, yes, but tom is tom and honestly this about the most humble i think he can be. i say kudos to him to at least hopefully stopping some shit going matt's way because matt seems like the type of dude that would really take that shit personal, and he's an awesome guy that doesn't deserve that shit. my 2 cents.
  11. It's growing on me, it started out small but as it grew I wanted to pull it back up again, and again, and before you knew it i kept repeating it over and over. In the beginning there were gaps in between, but before long it was just back to back, repetitive, over and over, faster and faster. And then I realized. They came in my ear. And I enjoyed it.
  12. lol, thank you! I got home work and was all pumped to grab tickets, then got into the site and said fck, i might have to rethink this. I want to go, but dammit, i'm not dropping a grand to get great seats. Nosebleeds and binocs here we come.
  13. Anybody else download that best clip we have so far and listen to it all day at work today? Guilty as charged here lol!
  14. Oh I know you, and I love your doggy style!
  15. Guys, can't we just appreciate the ride we all just joined on together? I love you all!
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