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  1. The Boro are going up! In Karanka we trust! Glad I could contribute.
  2. Just heard the two new songs and actually liked them, so I decided to revisit these forums today to check your reactions. Obviously, I'm about the only one with this impression, haha, but I thought I could share my view anyway. I mean, the songs aren't amazing, but they sound more original and fresh than their previous (and quite worn-out) sound. The production is really compressed and I think the synths sounds great, but Tom should definitely challenge himself more with the vocal harmonies. AVA needed a fresh start after a bunch of forgettable efforts, and I will surely give the album a chance when it drops.
  3. "It's prog-rock and punk all coming together and it's very modern and relevant." That's cute, tom. I've always wondered how big his referance-catalogue is. That acoustic out-of-tune and out-of-time intro-riff, doesn't fit in my ears. The song is OK and makes me look forward to the rest.
  4. Jess

    Childish Gambino

    Yes. I like it. I find it hard to take it seriously though.
  5. Just wondering, you're from Teeside and don't support Boro?
  6. Damn, yeah. Hammers sure grind out those away results. Such an even game.
  7. City plays some lovely football. Good to see Milner play well again, thought he was out in the cold. Silva (10/10 player) and Balotelli were outstanding. I think United will bounce back the next games, their next 6-7 games should all be 3-pointers.
  8. The first time I'll never pick up a blink-related album again after the first listen.
  9. Worst album so far. This doesn't interest me a bit. Such a poor effort.
  10. Again, really good stuff Odi. Looking forward to more.
  11. Awesome 5000: http://shirtoid.com/25974/awesome-5000/
  12. awesome interview! two more albums That was a great interview, Stryker is the man and got some good info from the guys. A bit lame that the interview been "payed for by Geffen/Interscope records".
  13. seriously this is home for a single? he unnecessarily says fucking twice in the first couple lines, wouldnt sound too good on the radio to have to censor the first verse. i mean, its not even good writing. he just used them to fill the syllables personally i think the guitar riff is cheap sounding and the chorus uh uh I and oh oh ohs are annoying, but thats just me Hearts all gone would be a great single, but I doubt it will happen Agreed, screams album-filler.
  14. This tracklist can't be right http://www.shopradiocast.com/products/Blink-182-%252d-Neighborhoods-LP.html
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