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  1. I have sympathy, I really do. Blink have cancelled on me several times. I also saw +44 without Travis and had the Transplants cancel. I have been to the US and Scotland to see blink because I have thought Travis would not travel agsin. That said, I think this has been an obvious risk for a while. blink have a proven record of pulling out / cancelling. I think you have to be partly thankful they didn't pull the plug on the whole tour. Travis hasn't mentioned the Oz tour for a while. Or working on overcoming his fear. (Pretty sure youd take a practice flight before traveling to other side of the planet) When he goes to Europe he usually leaves much earlier and buses it over to NY. A boat to Australia takes what, like 20-30 days, so any time in the last 20 -30 days you've had good notice there was a risk. There's been no mention of Travis attending the practices. I bet Brooks has been attending. That said, why practice in California if Travis wasn't coming. If you were Travis and were thinking of flying you would put it off until the last minute to see if you could do it and give yourself the time to prepare. The last minute is literally the time when it is impossible. I think Brooks was/is their back-up plan.
  2. My deluxe arrived from CD-WOW today. It is explicit, but does not have the parental advisory on it. On the back and in the small print it says "marketed and produced in South East Asia only" Also, typically, you can now the deluxe pre-sales internationally from blink.
  3. CD-Wow have shipped my deluxe and there is a UK market place seller on Amazon selling, who are also shipping them now. Anyone waiting for a deluxe in the UK should order from one of these two places.
  4. I'm pretty sure we aren't getting it. The fact it does not appear even as a listing on the three main UK retailiers for CD's says enough. The listing on Amazon has a release date as 27th, but doesn't know if it will be in stock, so its likely an imported one. I have ordered it from CD-Wow, but that says it'll take 7-10 days. It wouldn't surprise me if the only way to get the deluxe tracks is through download. Thats seemed to happen quite a bit recently.
  5. Play, HMV and Amazon have no mention of the deluxe version on their sites. It's been apparent for a while that we might not be getting the deluxe version.
  6. The heavy riff in Snake Charmer is identical to Angels and Airwaves "The Machine" The verse riff in £The Machine" is identical to Even If She Falls. The Machine developed into Start The Machine. I guess these riffs must have been blink ideas Tom took into AVA.
  7. Probably been covered elsewhere, but am I the only one that hears AVA "The Machine" in a riff in Snake Charmer and Even If She Falls?
  8. Thank you. I enjoyed being able to read the article. Cheers.
  9. Have you tried zooming in? Ctrl + on firefox Thanks. Yeah I have. It's partly my eyes (definitely if you ugys can read it) I have tried IE, Firefox, viewing them on my IPhone,, saving them and opening them in various photo viewing programs. If I zoom in enough to read I still cant quite make out the words because they arent clear they are slightly blurry. I could read the track descriptions by concentrating. The Kerrang scans for instance are fine (because they are scans)
  10. Would anyone mind scanning this magazine when they get it... I find reading these photo's almost impossible. Thanks.
  11. I wonder how radio-friendly it will actually be. The music world and commercial music scene has changed so much from when they last released singles. I could see the album doing slightly better than We Don't Need To Whisper, but worry the record label is expecting Enema Of The State in terms of numbers.
  12. So they renewed their vows when they were over here at Christmas. Perhaps Mark really is moving.
  13. Scage


    Agreed. If Tom didn't like it he wouldn't have put it up. Simple.
  14. He'll probably just repeat the stupid statement they just released....he should just be fucking honest and say Tom's to buys working on AVA to get the blink record done. Yeah, he will. I doubt he can say what he really wants to. He might be "beyond bummed" but he has known about this for a while. The point I have am trying to make is that this tour has been cancelled since all the stuff with the Oxygen festival in Ireland months ago. They have all known this since then. The fact that the tour has been re-scheduled means that all of the venues have been contacted etc etc which cant be done overnight. So its been coming, so everything we have had about Summer release has just been until they could confirm all of this. Now the albums pencilled in for when Travis initially said.
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