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  1. also... did the dragon think dany got stabbed by the chair made of swords?
  2. yeah I get the sense they were like "yeah, we can't take this shit seriously anymore" when they wrote these "jokes".
  3. but it is cool they invented democracy and quickly shut that shit down. lol
  4. I'm like, mostly convinced RailRoad gave them a shit ending and is laughing about it. Either that or he's worse with endings than JJ Abrams. Like why would everyone rally around the least charismatic (not to mention disabled) person to be king? One who doesn't really seem all that interested. It's a bonkers ending.
  5. Honestly there have been a lot of Prequel vibes this past season. Also, I thought it was pretty meh and honestly I would be in favor of them re-doing the last season.
  6. honestly they should of gotten somebody else to open. another pop punk band is kind of boring. but hey, maybe it's a pay for play and they had neck deep pockets.
  7. when has he ever been a douche about blink? he's been saying the same thing since 2014. it's his band. he owns parts of it. he has no time for it. the end.
  8. It's a good idea for a TV show, if done right.
  9. it makes sense though. I'm sure somebody at Disney put Game of Thrones and lightsabers together and said "hey, let's do this".
  10. yeah, you grew up in that era. kind of cemented Ben Stiller too. it's a movie I forget 70% of it (the middle) and when I re-watch it is fun to come back to because I've forgotten most of it. now Dumb and Dumber I can go beat to beat and remember almost perfectly.
  11. Well it was announced 2 years ago they were making a KOTOR movie. I'm sure they were at least in talks with Disney before then. Seems likely.
  12. I don't like Cypress Hill either. Oh I forgot Will Smith. He's great too.
  13. look, I love Eminem, Beastie Boys, Machine Gun Kelly, Macklemore, Mac Miller, Yelawolf, Post Malone, etc. All the greats. But Lil Wayne just sucks man.
  14. Like officially, or before they were offered it? Because they didn't say it, doesn't mean it wasn't already offered to them.
  15. I can't imagine not wanting to do at least 8 full seasons. But hey, I don't know what it's like having Star Wars waiting.
  16. Bran can stop Danny through his powers. If not, why not? Who care? Do it RailRoad
  17. Twin Peaks got bad in season 2 (I'd argue for like 4 episodes tops) and then David Lynch came back and it was amazing again. I'm sure in no time RailRoad will put on his little cho-cho hat and steer this loco right.
  18. you think the new album will out do Vampire Weekend's Father of the Bride. That's currently the biggest debut of a rock album all year.
  19. are you telling me?! that Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder are not actually friends but are constantly fucking all the time?
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