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  1. I Miss You and Collide are from 2003 technically, but also HD once played my college and I heard it was awkward.
  2. I just wanted everyone to know I hate this thread
  3. He also promoted it on other forums. Those reviews could have come from elsewhere. I thought it was pretty good and was surprised he was first to make one like that. I mean, it’s primitive but it seemed original
  4. Well despite what these PMs might like to perpetuate, I am here still. I just don’t post a lot as I’d rather not just make my posts more exciting by being less frequent. In a way, it’s like flirting.
  5. there was a time when GD was like, my second or third favorite band and that soon changed around 2006 but also after what. 5 albums I have zero interest in? I guess 21centurybreakdown is somewhat enjoyable if not just too bloated to really inspire another re-listen.
  6. shut up you cunt moron
  7. so Travis can get drunk and say he's going to kill someone is acceptable but she can't get drunk and beat up travis? seems like a double standard to me. Travis also probably has better lawyers. That's america.
  8. so you're on the side of Travis killing his wife?
  9. i mean, weren't people here saying that too?
  10. https://torontosun.com/2015/01/16/travis-barker-was-arrested-after-alleged-death-threats so like, yeah this was just before they kicked Tom out.
  11. wait, didn't Tom want to replace Travis because he threatened to kill his ex wife or whatever? I seem to remember that being part of the whole thing
  12. also her dad being an asshole is old, old news but she should definitely have somebody looking over her finances and decisions who isn't him. but I also think she would probably end up like lohan if she didn't. her parents just fucking failed her and her sister.
  13. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/the-tragedy-of-britney-spears-241056/ i liked it but honestly they skipppppped sooooooo muchhhhh. I don’t think JT did anything bad honestly.
  14. @Kay I thought you might enjoy this
  15. I genuinely liked Inception when I saw it in theatres. I just don't think it holds up super well for whatever reason. I do fucking love Shutter Island though.
  16. i always took it as a nightmare on elm street parody but yeah, i guess it was...
  17. I was astonished by how bad it had aged. Seemed pretty stupid overall
  18. AL and MGK are horrible. jesus people.
  19. I’m not on the Browns but I will try
  20. I’m rooting for the browns cause come on it’s the doggy team
  21. Them not adding to Super Mario Party is still surprising.
  22. Yes, season 3 definitely plays with your nostalgia and challenges it. It’s hard to digest that and wrestle with expectations we all have. Somehow, crazy as it all is, it works. also I recommend this: and they just released part 2 of their discussions on Season 3 and I’m really enjoying it.
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