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  1. only one version has Mark's into right?
  2. i really dig some of river's solo work.
  3. That one song where the chorus is Geronimo. Fuckkkkk that’s bad.
  4. sure sure, but damn is maladroit way more interesting than the green album
  5. nah, maladroit fucking slaps. also I liked Hurley.
  6. Hard to say, I can’t hear the new songs over the sound of Jerry Finn turning in his grave.
  7. I’m skipping Spyro because that’s just beyond lazy.
  8. Also RT is owned by Warner, so yeahhhhhh
  9. i still think it'll be good, despite aria's concerns.
  10. https://www.metacritic.com/movie/joker/critic-reviews it's a 75 right now?
  11. you like one song and it's the AOT cover? just peculiar.
  12. IGN? i mean, aren't they kind of like, IGN?
  13. i'm a bit shook to be honest
  14. talking about the "purity" of women is kind of gross.
  15. i simply don't feel like it has much in common, outside of principle players, it being "pop-punk", and recycling the same chords. overall it just really seems half-assed and middling in terms of being as evocative as their past. I think Feldmann's production just doesn't even touch Finn's and the quality of recording just isn't there. nothing really new to say, these songs are just not great and at best passable.
  16. ^blink took their typography too right?^
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