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  1. i fucking love the gamecube. fuckin a
  2. Nintendo wisely and quietly gave up on the Wii U 1-2 years after the release as it was surely a flop. Horrible console cycle for them, but yeah, it did have a lot of good games on it (mostly from Nintendo as usual). I think the switch has already sold 7x as many wii u's there were sold, which is wild.
  3. my dad thankfully never flicked me
  4. did pitt-man ever "flick" his children? that's so specific it has to be true...
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/sep/10/josh-homme-restraining-order-queens-of-the-stone-age-brody-dalle thought this was worth posting
  6. I think so now thinking about it. I think I posted about it in the redpill thread?
  7. i know a guy who knows a guy who works for a company that does WB advertising, and they watched a rough not done with the CGI version said it was fucking awful. take what you will with that.
  8. _Kyle_

    DUNE 2020

    a 7 from IGN might as well be a D+
  9. It's all very interesting. I think about this shit all the time. Everytime I hear an owl even. What a crazy fucking thing.
  10. WW's art style is better than the remakes of the N64 era's graphics. something about how glossy they are is so unappealing to me.
  11. im playing the remastered wind waker (never finished it) and just got the master sword. such a 180 from Majora's Mask's dark and weird vibe.
  12. Nintendo could, but really they want you buying new games and not just buying the old stuff. I know most people argue that they buy both, but you can't play every old game and every new game. I'm amazed we got the classic consoles considering.
  13. you were so close to finishing it! i got every damn mask in that shit too. incredibly fun game when you get past the 3 day cycle thing and how to handle it.
  14. I didn't beat Majora's Mask until 2012 and I still really, really enjoyed it. Something about that flavor of Zelda I love very much. It's just so charming and the artwork is magnificent. Twilight Princess to me is actually uglier and harder to get into because of it despite it being better graphically. I felt like the PS2 era GTA just didn't have the greatest gameplay. I felt like it didn't when those games came out, but it did have great story, acting, style, etc and did the open world thing that felt so fresh and fun.
  15. i even put in the extra work and got the 103% ending. Might be my least favorite of the initial three though.
  16. OH, I beat DKC3 and Axiom Verge. Been waiting for a Metroid mood and it hit me this week. I'm ready for Metroid Dread now.
  17. some games just don't age gracefully and GTA is one I can believe.
  18. I don't really think FOB is similar to blink at all. Evening Out with Your Girl is a glorified demo (Buddha), so wouldn't TTYG be Dude Ranch? That doesn't really line up.
  19. i beat dark souls. yeah, i'm not doin the dlc.
  20. _Kyle_

    DUNE 2020

    this better be good
  21. i think next week I will have beaten it. but my buddy wants me to do the dlc and I'm not sure if I will.
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