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    Bloc Party

    first two albums were pretty good. never liked anything after. not as good as DMB
  2. The scene at the car rental place sure felt like it. Blockers 2018 (C+) The biggest hang up this movie has is that it acknowledges how stupid the premise is and still pushed forward. Cena and Mann turn in good performances and really make the writing shine. Sisters 1972 (B-) I don't think the film's ending lands, but it's a fun slasher/suspense film for a long while.
  3. Honestly, without Tom it just feels a little hollow to me. But then again, I don't care that much and Skiba is probably just as invested in it as Tom.
  4. Played Overwatch til 2am this morning. still like playing it but it's annoying to face keyboard and mouse players on console Master Blaster Zero 2 is out. I'm so down for this.
  5. I forget about this version all the time even though its the first version I heard. what a fucking jam.
  6. I too am wondering about his "choice". Sounds very similar to that and a few other films he does with accents.
  7. I wanna say there's a reason why the daughter overdosed and died when she was 18. He never liked being a father and basically just had families because of his trophy wives desires to have them. Really, these people are what is wrong with America. Greed on top of greed and ignorance. Has your g/f ever watched Grey Gardens? That's a real riches to rags documentary.
  8. Yeah I reported on that when they were on a podcast and they were joking about him being so disconnected on the 2nd album cause Twitter had just started getting big. On CTTM he was very upset because of the whole break up thing. I think both records are fine production-wise, but CTTM sounds better to me. Mark didn't produce this..
  9. The Queen of Versailles (2012) B+ Anybody ever watch this doc? Basically a mega rich family is building the biggest house in America down in Florida (great location for a house imo, nothing catastrophic ever happens there), recession happens, they can't afford to keep it going (their business is selling time shares to idiots), they have to withdraw some of their spending (which is like switching from private jets to 1st class). it's eye opening in how the rich live in some ways and depressing in another. Their animals probably still live better than you or I. it's short and I really recommend it. The Cell (2000) B Been meaning to watch this and finally did. Not as wonderful as The Fall, but I dug it.
  10. I want Miley Cyrus on a track or two
  11. I think a faux art pop band would actually be really interesting if Mark and Tom put their heads together and got over themselves.
  12. I'm just glad Helen is here.
  13. "muppet". that's a top ten insult to jan for sure.
  14. if that makes you cringe? holy Toledo.
  15. we can only wait with bated breath
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