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  1. how does the forgot about dre one go? what part does he sing?
  2. if you want to find out who it is just listen to the lyrics and type them in yahoo or google.....that is if you can understand what they're saying.
  3. haha alright. whatever you say man.
  4. i wish i could understand the words you speak.
  5. you can hear new parts of songs in there. barely.
  6. i think its gonna be really good and better than wdntw and i really like wdntw.
  7. they'll probably do something like nine inch nails did.
  8. Okay why did you reply to his post? Same goes for you. no it doesnt because he replied to an old topic which made it a current one and i replied to the current topic. ohhhhhh. pwn3d.
  9. Dont Speak Save Your Words Truth Be Told You Should Know Not Now Pt.2
  10. learn when youre around by motion city soundtrack or perfect teeth by motion city soundtrack. or some billy talent. asthenia by blink is really fun.
  11. yes very old. well not very. like 2 weeks.
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