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  1. Yeah i look like a fuckin dweeb now huh lol
  2. https://www.cosmopolitanme.com/celebs/a-timeline-of-kourtney-kardashian-and-travis-barkers-relationship my ex used to follow kardashians BS, so when i started seeing travis mentioned around them i paid a little attention. I dont really follow “celebs” or whatever i just remember seeing stories of them together. So looks like its been some years since it started and probably not just some dumb fling. The kids get along, and they havent had drama yet, so 🤷🏻‍♂️. Id say theyll still be going strong in a year
  3. Theyve been together for a long time in secret and just recently come out public with it, i think it has already been over a year
  4. Where are you getting their merch? The website im seeing says the shop isnt open
  5. Not surprising in the least, that dudes always-sucked.tk
  6. MCR could have recorded queen covers on a toaster using kids instruments and it would be better than any Offspring album
  7. Not sure, these were two completely different styles though and the smaller ones barely fit far enough to get a string through! And it was 2 of the tall and 4 of the short. They were repackaged and taken off of a fender strat and tele the seller was super apologetic and is sending a new set today
  8. Daily. I listen to alot of albums cover to cover. And usually a blink one every day. I wear headphones at work sometimes. And have an hour and a half commute. Me and my girl ride together and i went through their discography in order with her last month. And i was just about to throw on Buddha
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