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  1. Definitely agree with you. I said I would pay for the stickers or files. I don't have the means anymore to create the art files. I had to sell my laptop during some rough times. I have my phone and iPad. Nothing great for making them. But someone message me before davey replied saying they were gonna make some too to sell so all good dudes
  2. I said I would pay lol. I'm gonna buy them from someone else
  3. Nah just all your threads like "oh I couldddd upload this from my original tape, I couldddd" I'm mostly just ragging on you
  4. Yes we get it. You don't like sharing. I think that's been established. You can sell whatever or do whatever with it. That's your choice. I just thought it'd be cool if someone had them already sized somewhere and could throw them up. I mean really we are talking about a replica guitar that we are putting stickers on. It's not the plans for a dumble amp or something. And for the record for anyone who has a good set, I'm willing to pay for printed ones if I have to. Otherwise I'm just gonna order the close enough ones that someone is WILLING to sell on reverb.
  5. I'm a screamo kid we only listen to our music in headphones and don't talk to the general public
  6. I was really pumped when I heard that song. Was nice to hear blink with a bit of an edge again
  7. I'm not sure why I would feel bad ever about music that I like. I'm beyond worrying about what people think
  8. It was a big deal in my area. We grew up with four year strong. And our last night as local bands
  9. Same actually. I still love 'screamo' though so I dig it. My musical taste is stuck in 06-08
  10. I'm not sure how 6/8 didn't make it on to more lists
  11. Not sure if anyone else cares. But I believe the pickups at least for sure in the red guitar are old dirty fingers pickups before they had the label on them. I'm guessing he could have used the same in the jazzmaster. He didn't have the jazzmaster until 2004 after he had already had his red es335 with the dirty fingers and one with invaders. Then his custom came out and he had a baritone orange strat he was using in 2003. And made the switch to the jazzmaster later on. I'm guessing from what I can tell in the video that it's a dirty fingers. But it's still really hard to tell exactly Here is a photo of an order dirty fingers pickup
  12. Maybe I'm seeing it wrong but it doesn't look like it has invaders. Looks flat and not like the big pole pieces the invader has
  13. Speculating that it may be the same as this guitar has. This was right when he was getting into that sound and on his boxcar guitar. Not sure what it is though
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