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  1. Tough decision. Carousel and Feeling This are both one of my favourite blink songs ever. I went with Carousel though because that intro is the best they have ever written.
  2. I've just read the whole thread and completely agree with Dean:
  3. It's kinda meh after the first listen. Untitled > WYHSB >>> Neighborhoods so far. I knew they should have stopped after Untitled. They won't be able to top that record. I'm giving this one a few more listens though.
  4. Artist was their best, hands down. Couldn't get into Beggars to be honest. I will only listen to the full album when a proper rip becomes available.
  5. I like the new album. It's much better than Raditude, nowhere near Blue though but that's just fine. Memories and Ruling me are the best songs IMO.
  6. It's kinda meh after a few listens. It's not bad but I expected much more. I hope it will grow on me though.
  7. I've waited for so long for this album, a few days don't really make any difference.
  8. It's just the webrip, really shitty quality (128 kbps). I'm waiting until a proper rip is available.
  9. Yeah, me too. I'm really surprised it hasn't leaked yet, just a week's left until the release and still nothing. I just can't wait.
  10. That's amazing. I didn't expect it to be that good. The chorus is really awesome.
  11. The original is much much better. They almost ruined it. I loved this song at the end of Fight club. Epic.
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