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  1. Sorry for asking? I was just looking for one specific picture that I cant find on Google.
  2. Hey guys. There was a pic that I believe David Kennedy posted of Tom's Jazzmaster hanging on the wall. Does anyone still have that? Very much appreciated.
  3. https://m.imgur.com/Rb3CknK i tried the 335. Turned out pretty good
  4. I'm sure it was ansered but, what ever happen to this guitar? Did he gift/sell it?
  5. Hey guys, Hope you can help. I am trying to find these stickers that was on Tom's guitar. Can anyone help out or have any info? http://imgur.com/XJkdsXE http://imgur.com/AiC7ols
  6. Change of toipc..... So Tom is kinda crazy, huh? lolz
  7. Not a huge fan of it. It's OK, but pretty forgettable.
  8. Hey guys. Do any of you have a list of all the guitars the tom sold last year? Or pics? I would appreciate the help and I can't seem to find it much info. I know the boxcar guitar and the green strat that was on the site for ages but it's the other ones that I'm interested in. Thanks everyone!
  9. I guess. Regardless, I hope he comes back.
  10. Oh. Ok. Thanks. Now I know I guess.
  11. I hope Tom comes back to blink. I love Matt, but I really hope California was just a one "blink" album thing.
  12. Yeah but that's what made me love Blink in the first place where those mediocre riffs.
  13. I like it. IMO Tom always had a gift of writing "pretty" guitar parts. I would love an acoustic album. Man I miss him in blink
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