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  1. Sorry for asking? I was just looking for one specific picture that I cant find on Google.
  2. Hey guys. There was a pic that I believe David Kennedy posted of Tom's Jazzmaster hanging on the wall. Does anyone still have that? Very much appreciated.
  3. https://m.imgur.com/Rb3CknK i tried the 335. Turned out pretty good
  4. I'm sure it was ansered but, what ever happen to this guitar? Did he gift/sell it?
  5. Hey guys, Hope you can help. I am trying to find these stickers that was on Tom's guitar. Can anyone help out or have any info? http://imgur.com/XJkdsXE http://imgur.com/AiC7ols
  6. Change of toipc..... So Tom is kinda crazy, huh? lolz
  7. Not a huge fan of it. It's OK, but pretty forgettable.
  8. Hey guys. Do any of you have a list of all the guitars the tom sold last year? Or pics? I would appreciate the help and I can't seem to find it much info. I know the boxcar guitar and the green strat that was on the site for ages but it's the other ones that I'm interested in. Thanks everyone!
  9. I guess. Regardless, I hope he comes back.
  10. Oh. Ok. Thanks. Now I know I guess.
  11. I hope Tom comes back to blink. I love Matt, but I really hope California was just a one "blink" album thing.
  12. Yeah but that's what made me love Blink in the first place where those mediocre riffs.
  13. I like it. IMO Tom always had a gift of writing "pretty" guitar parts. I would love an acoustic album. Man I miss him in blink
  14. Thanks!! I did find a few pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciate it
  15. Hey guys. I want to custom paint my friends DeLonge's epiphone guitar to make it look like toms blue and orange one. He really wants it done but lacks the skills. So with Christmas coming, I want to do it for him. I am looking for some good pictures of it. Can someone help me out? Thanks everyone.
  16. I really would love to see Travis and Tom working again. Blink / Boxcar Racer / AvA it doesn't matter what band. All though I really think it'll be AvA.
  17. Agreed. i find it kinda cool that he now wears "Nike SB" to brige skateboarding and his son playing baseball.
  18. I really liked it. People who don't like Tom on here won't like it. No matter if it's good or not hahaha
  19. Probably the lighting. My friend has a ES335 in cherry red and in pics you someone's don't see the wood grain. I really think people are looking way too much into this hahaha
  20. This! That would be messed, even for Tom, to replicate for no reason.
  21. He used two when he was on tour. The one he sold he only used a handful of times while on tour with boxcar.
  22. I still think it's the same just cleaned up. I see your points but I really think that he just removed stickers. He's had that guitar since boxcar and there is videos from untitled - the dream walker of the guitar being used.
  23. Ahh... maybe when he was taking the other stickers off he started to pull this one off then decided against it? You can tell that it was touched as its creased now. I really don't think that he purposely "remade this guitar".
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