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  1. tReerAT

    Cruel Summer

    shit is dirty...so far
  2. Copping a playstation plus membership later so I can grab jet grind radio a week early also fucking free games? for as long as you are a member? sign me the fuck up
  4. Who wouldn’t let Walt walk? He is the king now, there is no one like Gus (i.e someone he is technically working for) to kill him, he works for himself and he is feared by everyone he works with/has worked with. The only person who may have had the bottle/skills to kill him would be Mike and Walt got to him first. Can’t wait to see how it goes with Hank knowing, I can’t help but feel he is going to have some mixed emotions/loyalty and not know whether to turn him in. Does anyone else think Walt might commit suicide? Outside chance but it could happen. Re-Watch the cold open from the first episode of this season.....it's a year later and walt's obviously on the run with a huge fucking gun in his trunk....where it goes from there I can only imagine. Ideas off the bat: Maybe Hank gives him a head start. Maybe as we saw in the second episode, this shit goes why higher than Gus....maybe Walts product pisses someone off overseas and he has whoever that is and the DEA after him. Maybe Skyler will end walt in order to do whatever it takes to protect her family.....all i know is fuck AMC for milking DVD sales, pretty much the only reason (i think) they did not have a full season
  5. oh man, I went through all 8 last night pants shat
  6. Jim Jeffries is hilarious, his panda joke and fucking a fake vagina story are amazing
  7. You just keep at it. It took Louis CK almost twenty years before he caught on. For most of his career he was doing the same set. Watch his old YouTube clips.. you'll see. You're gonna suck shit when you first start, unless you're just a fucking natural like Seinfeld. I'm absolutely horrible, but it's something I enjoy doing and even if I can get a chuckle out of an audience I feel like I'm going somewhere. Don't be afraid of bombing... it's going to happen, it's inevitable. Just get in the mindset of learning from those mistakes and improving on your material. so where you get started? do you write stuff down or just go up and as for a topic or what?
  8. how do you deal with that, like the reality that maybe you aren't that funny?
  9. YOU CAN'T STAND SUPER SMASH BROS? you know, I've only met one other person who couldn't stand super smash bros. Next day he got hit by a car in the high school parking lot.
  10. 1, 2, 3, or American wasteland.....also get that f-zero game. I always wanted a gamecube for that game.....and super smash bros As for skate 3, really? I heard 3 was full of bugs
  11. Follow up post i want to either re-buy skate or skate 2 on the marketplace (got like 20 bucks worth of points)....or just buy skate 3 was skate 3 better than 2? and or should i re-buy just cause 2 fuck me and my indecisive ass
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