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  1. WOW. What a way to kill the band. This is not fucking blink-182. This is the worst song they've ever released.
  2. Can someone please take a look at this: https://blinklegs.bandcamp.com/album/orlando-fl-2004-5-8 11. Go, starting 2:58 And cry along with me?
  3. Matt doesn't even know if he is an official member, haha.
  4. Wow, so I have an interesting question. I always thought that I Won't Be Home For Christmas song was recorded with Travis in TOYPAJ era. Is there any difference between that track and the one included in the CD you are showing in the video (apparently Dude Ranch era)?
  5. Hey Ghost, I'm really interested on it. Would you mind to upload it somewhere, for example, dropbox or drive? Thanks in advice, have a Good Day!
  6. It is incredible, not even this song is saved from the fucking wooaaahs.
  7. You know, Dan, I had a different concept of you, but now I get it. If it is something you don't like, then it is a piece of garbage, or overrated. I just can't stand people who don't know what does 'taste' means. That's OK, I have a few friends who don't like blink-182 and they think they are a piece of garbage, but they like U2.... so. On the other hand, as Cheerios said, Feldmann can fuck off.
  8. You don't like it, and that's ok, but to say 'overrated piece of shit'... just wrong.
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