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  1. Play-along with the recorded song. Still pretty interesting.
  2. I can't find the demo, I guess I came too late to the party. 😪
  3. I can't wait to hear 21 Days with Skiba!
  4. Do we have 15 seconds clips for the whole album? Thanks.
  5. The takeaway was that Matt is not needed at all.
  6. This sounds more blink than blink itself nowadays.
  7. Without any doubt, this will be the worst blink's album for me. 4 songs out and only 1 is good. And we can clearly see the direction of it.
  8. WOW. What a way to kill the band. This is not fucking blink-182. This is the worst song they've ever released.
  9. Can someone please take a look at this: https://blinklegs.bandcamp.com/album/orlando-fl-2004-5-8 11. Go, starting 2:58 And cry along with me?
  10. Matt doesn't even know if he is an official member, haha.
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