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  1. now everywhere number 1 except Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg, Portugal!
  2. anyone able to send me a link via pm? would be nice
  3. check out youtube and you find enough links!
  4. come on guys! pls share maybe via pm where i can find the ep?
  5. In your dreams There are some good songs! but it never reaches the quality of neighborhoods!!
  6. Sorry this is off topic but... Where did that picture come from with tom holding the plus 44 cd? I'm 99.9% sure its photoshopped. You may have known that already. This may have already been a discussion but I'm just curious I remember seeing it a long time ago and I've always wondered the origin of it. I've only listened to the cd once through so far (Im waiting until the release date to really get into it.) But my favorite lines that I remember are... "The universe has left me without a place to go" "Its the longest start, but the ends not to far away" yes of course its photoshopped but don´t ask me now where i got this picture from!! I have it a long time now and i´ve see the original one but can´t remeber what he was showing...?
  7. "It´s like the universe has left me without a place to goooo"
  8. Up All Night After Midnight Ghost On The Dancefloor/Snake Charmer Even If She Falls
  9. then its time for you to find you a new band!! clearly 5/5 great album
  10. hey anyone could send me a pm with the link please? i wanna listen to it so badly right now
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