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  1. he tried for a year or so to make it work but feldman just didnt want to budge from making this happen. he was the guitarist yeah. hes a producer and happy with his life so he didnt end up going through with it. it wasnt tension, he just didnt want to hold the others guys back as they wanted to go for it. he wrote all the songs/basically was the band so it was a different situation between him and the rest of the guys. they ended up dropping the drummer and bassist for new guys as well
  2. not sure if you guys remember a while back, i posted about my friends band who went to record with feldman. he ended up leaving his own band that he started, because he couldnt sign up for what feldman was turning it into. well, their first song was finally released yesterday. you can see right here what pre feldman and post feldman looks like.
  3. personally i think it kinda does. its writing how you think you should write vs what you naturally feel. its, "im in deep with this girl but shes out of her mind" vs "the only time i feel alive is when i find something i would die for". i know the deluxe gets lighter with parking lot and wildfire, but those two things just stick out specifically for me in the contrast of this is what blink sounds like vs this is what im feeling. i mean hey, if they felt this way in 03 we'd have enema/toypaj part 3 i can only speak for myself though. when im working on new stuff its just about what im feeling at the moment. never trying to hit a specific sound or anything. i just think that really just limits you
  4. this is exactly what my biggest issue with California was. the songs weren't genuine. they were mostly, "well this is what blink 182 is supposed to sound like, right?" i just get way more of a genuine vibe with the deluxe songs. it feels like they wrote them because they're songs they wanted to write, not songs that would fit a specific sound
  5. its pretty clear they purposely made California (minus a few) so light and poppy (empty) for the "comeback" type album. they tried to grab in as many people as they could and remind them blink is a fun band. but whether you like these new songs or not, you can't argue that they don't have more depth and meaning than the first batch in cali. its just WAY more of what i was expecting out of these guys. im expecting the future of blink to still have light poppy songs of cali, but also have that balence of the depth in these deluxe songs as well
  6. this sounds like what neighborhoods should have been. these songs have actual meaning in them compared to the emptiness of cali, minus a few.
  7. idk guys. it doesn't have to be dissected like its the cure for cancer. it's a kind of forgettable song on an album. its alright. i really love the others so far. it wouldnt be so spotlighted if they just released the damn thing all together. im all for releasing one or two before an album comes out but they need to stop releasing the whole thing 1 by 1. its not good for the album. 6/8 is one of my favorite blink songs since 09 so i'm cool with having a kind of forgettable song on the album, which pretty much every album from every band has
  8. tom live on Instagram on touring,"i dont really need the cheering and the fame thing". "im totally cool with blink going out and playing music, anytime i want to i can play again. its still my band" go away tom. go away. i know mark is blink-182 for life, but i sincerely think he would quit before playing with tom again
  9. if you guys register for the preorder and use my link it moves us both up in the line more. you have to copy and paste it lnkn.pk/2q3JQvd
  10. linkin park is WAY bigger of a band. its apparently a co-headliner
  11. i would have killed for alkaline182. thats exactly what i was hoping for an expecting from these guys. its too bad. thats why i love 6/8 so much. its the closest to what that would sound like
  12. they're playing with wu tang clan too lol. ill definitely be at citi field
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