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  1. caillou


    I'm playing a Geargia deck right now since the cards for it was cheap haha
  2. caillou


    There's free versions online like Dueling Network, but I play the actual cards
  3. caillou


    Does anyone here play? If not go ahead and use this thread to make fun of me for playing it.
  4. Saw it 1.5 times now... I went to see Fantastic Four today and it was so bad I left and popped into the last half of it haha
  5. Straight Outta Compton was the best movie I've seen in 2015. Hands down.
  6. caillou

    The NHL thread

    Meh would much rather see this one anyway. Or stick with the Hawks and put someone else's face over Kane's.
  7. caillou

    The NHL thread

    The difference is I think Doughty was cleared of the charges because of there wasn't any evidence, and the girl wasn't cooperating with authorities. It sounds like there might be a solid case against Kane, and if he's guilty then hockey is pretty much over for him.
  8. caillou

    The NHL thread

    Also what the fuck Patrick Kane. And let's not forget about Ryan O'Reilly driving drunk into a Tim Hortons this off season. smh.
  9. caillou

    The NHL thread

    Lehtonen has never had a solid back up before, or any goalie that could take his place as starter. Niemi is going to relieve a lot of the workload and also pressure Lehtonen to play better. A two goalie system is the way to go, just look at the Flames Also Jim Nill will use his jedi mind tricks to get another dman without trading someone like Nichushkin.
  10. caillou

    The NHL thread

    Haha to be fair you can't really compare any teams defence to the Oiler's defence last season. But Jim Nill thinks the Stars' defence issues can be fixed internally and I believe it. They have some solid young players who just need experience. Plus we already got rid of Daley who was a huge defensive liability and some how acquired Stephen Johns in the trade too. Keep in mind the current core of the team is in their early to mid twenties. The Stars will be exciting next season but deadly in a few more seasons once they patch up their defence even more.
  11. caillou

    The NHL thread

    Stars got Sharp for nothing. I am so excited for next season! Benn, Seguin, Spezza, Sharp, Nichushkin, Kingberg, and a Niemi/Lehtonen dual in net.
  12. caillou

    The NHL thread

    Hey, better deal than what the Bruins got for a 22 year old franchise defenceman
  13. caillou

    The NHL thread

    It's funny how they did absolutely nothing with those 3 picks too. What the fuck are you doing Boston hahahaha Also Seguin is with my favourite team, and now Hamilton is with my other favourite team. Thanks Boston!
  14. caillou

    The NHL thread

    I used my first 4 draft picks on goalies this year. Come at me goalie-less teams.
  15. caillou

    The NHL thread

    The Stars just got Seguin and Pevereley, but at the same time traded one of my favourite players. I don't know how to feel.
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