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  1. Hi all, sorry for the downtime earlier. I am migrating the site to a new server environment, I hoped to have it all done in one hit but it was taking way too long so I'll have to have another go a bit later.
  2. Weird, thanks for letting me know. I'll get it fixed up as soon as I figure it out. EDIT: Fixed
  3. We don't have a huge amount of storage space on the server, if we put this limit up and people start uploading a bunch of large files it could fill up the server and effectively crash the site pretty quickly. There's much better places to store files that can be shared publicly (Dropbox, Imgur etc.) so if you need to upload files larger than that just do so elsewhere and link it here.
  4. Hi all. I've looked in to this a bit and while I can't pinpoint exactly why it seems to be a problem with CloudFlare, I recently delegated DNS for the domain to them. They provide a proxy which goes through their CDN which is a nice thing but absolutely not necessary, so I've disabled this feature. Hopefully this sorts it out, in my testing I wasn't able to recreate the problem so it's possible it's been localised to a few people based on their internet connections in some way, pretty hard to say. Keep me updated here, definitely let me know if anybody has trouble getting on.
  5. Dean

    Forum Update

    Hi everyone. I've run through some server + forum updates just now. I needed to reset the forum theme to complete defaults as part of this update, I've tried my best to set everything back to the way that it was but if you notice anything funky please let me know so I can fix it up before I remove the old busted ones completely.
  6. Dean

    Server Update

    I like to post details for those who know what I’m on about haha. It’s all good!
  7. Dean

    Server Update

    I've also installed a SSL certificate and set the forums to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, all seems to be working fine here too. Long overdue.
  8. Dean

    Server Update

    Hi all, I've updated PHP on the forums web server which is responsible for the 'brains' of the forum. Everything is looking fine from my end but if you come across any problems please let me know.
  9. The cost of the forum software itself is actually only $25 every 6 months, so $50 per year. This covers all updates and some in-built spam filtering, the forums will continue to function without these features however from a security perspective it's pretty important we keep everything up to date. The biggest cost comes from hosting the server itself, we get quite a lot of traffic per day and the forums simply wouldn't function properly on a shared web hosting package like you can pick up for $100 a year from various web hosts.
  10. Correct, and the ad revenue doesn't even cover all the costs.
  11. Well spotted, that seems to work in the exact same way.
  12. I know it’s not supposed to show up if the display name for a user has never been changed, are you guys definitely looking at someone who’s changed their name? if so that’s a bit weird, I’ll look in to it.
  13. As far as I can tell Tapatalk is the only way. It is the most highly requested thing about this software and I can see that somebody is working on a potential solution (can't really tell how it will work) so hopefully in future there's a better way. I know Tapatalk is a bit temperamental but it should definitely still be sending push notifications, it's not something that's been removed. If it's not working maybe try reinstalling the app and check your push notification settings.
  14. No worries dudes! I guess that was part of the reason we built in the "Real Name" option which most people have gotten on board with. Theoretically we could add a 'Nickname' field in a similar fashion but that means everyone has 3 different name fields which is a bit excessive.
  15. Hey folks. I saw someone mention the other day that the 'Display Name History' feature hasn't been working, I've fixed that up today. For those who aren't sure how it works, if you go to a members profile next to their name up the top you will see an icon that will show you all changes to that members display name. Helps if you don't recognise someone!
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