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  1. I'm tempted to get it at some point, though I've not played a Pokemon game that hasn't disappointed me in some way since the old days. Sounds like there's a little more variation in these ones so might give them a go.
  2. I'm really enjoying Ragnarok so far (about 10 hours in) but I don't disagree with you, as far as game mechanics go there's nothing groundbreakingly new about it. It's been long enough since I played the 2018 game that I'm perfectly happy with just being thrust back into that world again but I do hope something new is introduced to change things up a bit soon. One thing that definitely bugs me is the hand-holding, you spend 30 seconds in a new area checking around to get your bearings and Atreus is already flat out telling you where you have to go or what you have to do. With the impressive number of settings available I was really hoping you could turn these comments off but haven't been able to find anything.
  3. Yeah dude I was lucky enough to get one in the very first round of preorders so I've had it for a while now, love it. I'm bubblesnout
  4. Nah I was always a Playstation guy but switched to PC-only gaming years and years ago until I bought back into consoles with the PS5. Might just need to borrow my brothers PS3 some time.
  5. I think the problem I had and probably a lot of other people had was looking for "GTA with cowboys". While it has that Rockstar DNA throughout it's really nothing like GTA. Masterfully told story. I just wish there was a way I could play RDR1, never touched it and no way to play it on modern consoles. Could try emulating it I guess but I'd be surprised if that goes well.
  6. Man I only just got through RDR2 a month or so ago. Started it a couple of times over the last few years and gave up like 5-10 hours in since it was so slow, really glad I stuck with it this time 'cause it really is a masterpiece.
  7. Just played through the FF7 remake and the Yuffie DLC. I never had much of a connection to the original but I really enjoyed the remake, I often struggle with the difficulty level of Final Fantasy games but it always felt fair and balanced, and the combat system was snappy and always fun. Probably not going to start anything new now since the new God of War comes out in like a week, definitely playing that release day.
  8. Still my favourite band, and this is my favourite type of track from them. Love it.
  9. Probably an even worse seat but got a ticket for the first Melbourne show too!
  10. Just got a ticket to the second Melbourne show! No pit tickets and my seat is pretty far back but don't care, I'll be there. Couldn't get a ticket for the first show but I'm going to keep trying.
  11. You heading to the first Melbourne show? I missed the fan presale so I'll be hoping to get lucky tomorrow, considering trying to get a ticket for both.
  12. Yeah I've only recently started actually proxy-ing via CloudFlare, it helps a little but the biggest performance bottleneck we have is on our own backend with database reads/writes. Continuing to tune things as best I can!
  13. Hi everyone, just wanted to make a post to be transparent about the boards at the moment. We are unsurprisingly seeing a significant increase in traffic, so I have increased the resources on our hosting server which should keep things running a little better. Obviously increasing the resources is going to increase our costs, so to compensate I have made the ads across the boards a little more aggressive. When doing so I noticed that it placed a big nasty ad right up the top under the logo which I've since disabled, it might just take 30-60 minutes before it disappears for those of you who are still seeing it. I will do my best to manage the traffic over the coming days, if anybody has any questions or concerns just hit me up! Blink is back, baby!
  14. Just found a setting that will probably sort it out. Click your username up the very top-right then choose "Account Settings" then on the left click "Content View Behaviour". You can choose to go to the start, the newest comment or the first unread comment.
  15. If you click the circle/star next to the topic it should take you to your first unread post in the thread:
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