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  1. Editor buttons are all fixed now! Let me know if you find anything else looking weird.
  2. Thought that would be an easy fix but not so much, I'll take a proper look at it tomorrow. All the buttons on the editor look a little wacky so if I can fix them all up that'd be even better. Alternatively I can set just the editor to be the normal white theme, though it is a bit of a shock to the eyes.
  3. Yeah I really like it, I use dark themes for most things these days so it's pretty nice having one here too. Good suggestion @theedge00!
  4. Down the bottom of every page there's a "theme" drop-down you can use to change the active theme.
  5. Okay, I've uploaded the theme and it actually looks pretty good! I might even stick with it myself. The downside of using a custom theme is that when there's an update to the board software itself it may cause issues with custom themes that require some sort of manual updating. Hopefully some time in the future a dark mode is built in to the default theme, but until then I'll do my best to keep this custom dark theme working properly.
  6. Good question. Looks like this is something that's been requested for quite a while now on the Invision Community boards but no official word on this being built in to the default theme. I've found a custom theme which is just a dark mode of the current theme so I'll see if I can get that up and running.
  7. I'm pretty sure it scales on mobile so it would still fill out the same space, would be worth trying as it is pretty damn big up there. EDIT: Just gave it a try and yeah it still looks identical on mobile even after shrinking it down to 75%. Cleaned up the jpeg artifacts and saved it as a png so it looks a little nicer as well. Here's the full size with artifacts removed in case you'd rather put it back to being bigger.
  8. To clarify, we actually don't take donations at all, we use the money from ad revenue to cover our running costs.
  9. I checked this out yesterday and it was broken, but have tried again today and it looks to be working again. It might just be an intermittent issue with the YouTube embedding API, let me know if you find it continues to happen regularly.
  10. That's my bad, sorry. I found a little while ago that emails from the boards were hitting peoples spam folders by default so I've been trying some different ways of sending the emails behind the scenes and inadvertently broke it altogether without realising. I've fixed it up now, email notifications should start coming through normally again.
  11. This leaked a few hours ago. "Congratulations" is fuckin' rocking as shit.
  12. Okay, took a few hours but everything is done and looks to be working normally. If you have any problems let me know in here and I'll check it out.
  13. Hi all. There's some emergency maintenance I need to do today which will take the site offline for an hour or two, so I figured it would make sense to get the server migration done during this time instead. I will likely need to take things offline for a while to do this, I'll do my best to get things back up and running as soon as possible. I will take everything down at 1:30pm my time, which is a bit over an hour and a half from when I make this post. That will be 7:30pm PDT, 10:30pm EDT, 2:30am GMT. Any questions, post to our Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/blink182online/
  14. That's a bummer. Working for me on iOS 13.1, you running that? Not much more I can do about it unfortunately, it's either bug with Webkit (IOS) or the board software so can only wait for updates.
  15. Sorry it took me longer to get to this than expected, have just updated the forum software to the latest version and this looks to be fixed now.
  16. That's a pretty weird one. I can replicate it on my phone too. Must be a bug with iOS 13 and the specific textbox control the boards use, I'll run an update on the boards tomorrow and see if that sorts it.
  17. Hi all, sorry for the downtime earlier. I am migrating the site to a new server environment, I hoped to have it all done in one hit but it was taking way too long so I'll have to have another go a bit later.
  18. Weird, thanks for letting me know. I'll get it fixed up as soon as I figure it out. EDIT: Fixed
  19. We don't have a huge amount of storage space on the server, if we put this limit up and people start uploading a bunch of large files it could fill up the server and effectively crash the site pretty quickly. There's much better places to store files that can be shared publicly (Dropbox, Imgur etc.) so if you need to upload files larger than that just do so elsewhere and link it here.
  20. Hi all. I've looked in to this a bit and while I can't pinpoint exactly why it seems to be a problem with CloudFlare, I recently delegated DNS for the domain to them. They provide a proxy which goes through their CDN which is a nice thing but absolutely not necessary, so I've disabled this feature. Hopefully this sorts it out, in my testing I wasn't able to recreate the problem so it's possible it's been localised to a few people based on their internet connections in some way, pretty hard to say. Keep me updated here, definitely let me know if anybody has trouble getting on.
  21. Dean

    Forum Update

    Hi everyone. I've run through some server + forum updates just now. I needed to reset the forum theme to complete defaults as part of this update, I've tried my best to set everything back to the way that it was but if you notice anything funky please let me know so I can fix it up before I remove the old busted ones completely.
  22. Dean

    Server Update

    I like to post details for those who know what I’m on about haha. It’s all good!
  23. Dean

    Server Update

    I've also installed a SSL certificate and set the forums to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, all seems to be working fine here too. Long overdue.
  24. Dean

    Server Update

    Hi all, I've updated PHP on the forums web server which is responsible for the 'brains' of the forum. Everything is looking fine from my end but if you come across any problems please let me know.
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