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  1. Damn, and I heard last week was going to be a big week.
  2. I’ve been on holiday for a week, anything happened?
  3. Self titled is older than Appetite For Destruction was when it came out.
  4. Yep another good one lost to streaming. There’s a cover of don’t tell me that it’s over by neck deep on Spotify which is actually quite good.
  5. Has no one mentioned Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over?
  6. I know some of you aren’t his biggest fan but a small up date from Jason Tate fwiw I did decide to throw out some feelers to some of my old contacts in the industry to see what I could discover. What I found is nothing that surprising, but from little birdies I trust, I hear that as of right now, the band members themselves do not know exactly what the future holds. Some contacts on the touring side have heard of a tour for next year being floated and discussed in meetings, but no dates are currently in the system. And I’ve heard there was talk of it being an untitled record anniversary tour, and I’ve heard one name tossed around as a potential opener that I, personally, would be stoaked as hell on. And, lastly, I’ve heard no decision has been made on if it would be a three or four-piece. So, literally precisely what Mark said: as of right now, there’s no tour booked, and no news to report on.
  7. So I did a relisten of Nine like you all and I’ve got say I really don’t like it and there was one moment that really summed up why….. At the end of IRWIHY, Matt singing ‘won’t you say something’ sounds really natural and it’s cut with Mark’s ridiculously robotic ‘I really wish I hated you’. We need more natural Matt and less robotic Mark
  8. Flashbacks to when MCR announced that album of black parade demos
  9. They wrote those lyrics when they were about 30 years old
  10. Yet Davey barrels in here giving Tom grief all the time with no thought for the Tombots’ feelings.
  11. Both of them will be furious
  12. Once on MySpace I clicked through Top 8s starting with Mark until I got to someone I could speak to. It ended up being some girl whose babysitter was friends with Chris Holmes.
  13. Muuuuum can I borrow fifteen thousand dollars so I can be an extra in a film about aliens?
  14. So I take it you guys aren’t up for chipping in to get the 50k reward?
  15. I like how they list the number of followers ‘Across all TTS associated social profiles and properties. ’ 6M+ Facebook Followers ( no idea where this number comes from?) 880,000 Twitter Followers ( Tom has 727k) 1.2M Instagram Followers ( Tom has 953k )
  16. I agree he should’ve asked but it isn’t hard to read between the lines on that one.
  17. Wouldn’t it be worse if every apartment was a coal fuelled power station instead?
  18. Yeah I’ve just never been a fan of it, maybe a bit of an All The Small Things effect.
  19. Hardest matchup so far but yeah Twin Size Mattress was a huge part of the emo revival a few years ago.
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