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  1. Enema and TOYPAJ definitely feel distinctly different for me. Straightaway in Anthem Part II you've got Tom singing about societal collapse and corruption in politics, there was nothing like that on Enema. You've obviously got lighter tracks later on in the album but in general it feels a lot more serious thematically than Enema. Both absolutely outstanding albums imo, along with Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat. On any given day I could make an argument for any of those four being my favourite album, I love them all deeply from start to finish. Self-titled album I also love but in a different way, I would never consider it as a candidate for my favourite Blink album. It has some great songs on it (including probably one of my top 5 Blink songs Here's Your Letter) but on the whole am less keen on the "darker" vibe of the record. Although oddly I rate Boxcar's album as high if not higher than any Blink album, and that was kind of the halfway house for Tom between TOYPAJ and self-titled in terms of all the difficulties he was going through around the time. Everything since the self-titled I basically don't consider to be on the same stratosphere as "original Blink". Few songs here and there (Wishing Well, Natives, Pretty Little Girl, Sober etc) that I like, and I do listen to all quite regularly, but don't hold it in anywhere near the same esteem as <=2003 stuff.
  2. Was so good, great lineup for their reunion tour. I went with a guy from here in fact called Fabian, not sure if he's around any more Haha I remember that, I think it was their first ever UK show 😂 😎
  3. A while back I made a list of all the Blink shows I've been too, good times indeed! Hammersmith in 2004 was my favourite I think.
  4. Watched a 6-parter on Netflix called The Forst (La Foret), for anyone who knows what Broadchurch is it's kinda like a French version of that. Young girl goes missing in small French village, local police department investigate everyone in the town and uncover various filthy secrets. It was really good
  5. Bone Tomahawk, thought it was great. Not normally a big fan of Westerns but this had enough blend of other genres (horror/survival) to keep it really interesting.
  6. I remember that at the time, was crazy. Wasn't that back when Tom told you his new project had initials AA, and no-one here believed you. Then a few months later Angels & Airwaves was announced and everyone here felt awful for not believing you ?
  7. Recently done all the Hannibal Lecter films, so afterward decided to do the TV show. I see it got critical acclaim etc but I've done the first 4 episodes and finding it awful so far ? hope it picks up
  8. Got the urge to check in the other day, good to see the place is still alive and kicking!
  9. Thought the Bodyguard started good but didn't end that well. Opening scene on the train is amazing, proper sweaty palms intense stuff
  10. Hannibal Rising - shite Red Dragon - so good Silence of the Lambs - so good Hannibal - good
  11. Lemmings has always had my favourite lyrics, in particular I love the line "I know it's for the best but sometimes I wonder will I ever have friends like you again?" I also love in Here's Your Letter "I'm talking to the ceiling, my life just lost all meaning, do you still feel the same way?"
  12. A few good rare songs on there, but I don't think I could go all the way to Vegas on the off-chance they may play a couple of them. I take it nothing else has been confirmed about whether they might do any entirely pre-1999 shows? He (Mark) just kinda mentioned that then it never came up again
  13. Untitled Waggy Here's Your Letter Anthem Apple Shampoo Does My Breath Smell? Pathetic Voyeur Touchdown Boy Story Of A Lonely Guy
  14. If these "pre-1999" shows are confirmed I will 100% be flying out from London, been dreaming of this sort of thing for like 15 years now. Obviously would much rather see Tom performing the songs but that ship has sailed Below is a transcript of that podcast btw:
  15. Got a ticket for the 20th in London but didn't manage to get one for the 19th...don't suppose anyone here has a spare? Also I hear they will be announcing 21st at Brixton as well
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