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  1. Anyone think there's a chance the first show of the tour at Imperial GNP festival in Tijuana next month has a live stream? Bit of a long shot but I know festivals do sometimes make live streams available. Would be awesome to see it
  2. More times than I care to remember 😂 would love them to mix it up and finish with some other song. Can't really see that happening though sadly 😞
  3. I had a couple of hours spare on my hands this week, so worked out a list of all the Blink shows I've been at. Then trawled through setlist.fm and worked out a list of all the songs I had/hadn't seen live. Some glaring omissions in there but seen a lot of awesome ones also! Interested to see anyone else's list if anyone is as sad as me lol
  4. No, that was the Brixton Academy show on 14 December 2004 I made a massive fcuk-up then. On the day of the show they announced that the first 50 (I think) people to go to the Atticus tent inside the venue, would get a "Meet & Greet" with Mark So my same friend Nick and I went to queue up at the venue really early, and we were in the first 50. So we all got taken backstage down a corridor towards the room where Mark was (this is where the clip from the lost documentary was filmed) And as we were walking down the corridor, a security guy said you can take photos but absolutely no flash photography. I had one of those disposable Kodak cameras where you needed to "charge up" the flash. When we got into the room with Mark, I took a photo of him but somehow the flash went off 🙈 and the asshole security guard threw me out before I got to meet him. I was raging!!
  5. This will probably sound made-up but fcuk it 😂 Found out a few days beforehand about the show - no tickets were available for sale to general public, but went on Google and found out the name of the production company running the event. Got the address of their office (was somewhere in London) and skipped school (I was only 15) one afternoon with my friend Nick to go up to their office and ask if they can put us on the list We thought because it was an MTV Event dedicated to The Cure, that we should pretend to be really big Cure fans. So we spent the entire train journey memorising as many Cure songs/albums as we could in case the production company asked us what our favourite songs/albums were 😂 I only vaguely remember being in their office but we lied through our teeth about being huge Cure fans, I remember they took a photo of me and my friend, then wrote our names down on a list and gave us the above flyer. Honestly never ever expected it to work in a million years, when we got out the office and safely round the corner we were bouncing around screaming like idiots If anyone remembers @Roxy from back in the day, she was there that night too, outside the venue to meet Blink. Not sure if she got into the show though
  6. Just going through my shoebox of old Blink stuff, found this old piece of paper which I think functioned as the ticket (we had our names on a list) And the flipside had this text on it:
  7. I was in the crowd for that, Old Billingsgate Market in London on September 17th 2004. They played All Of This with Robert Smith too. Was taking a piss in the urinals then some guy comes in and goes to the urinal next to me, I look up and it's Mark 😂 Also got my guitar signed by them that night One of best nights of my life. Got in so much trouble at home for sneaking out but so worth it
  8. Hahaha just watched this, I'm fcuking in it ffs. 43:43 at the Atticus Meet & Greet with Mark at Brixon Academy on 14 Dec 2004. Amazing
  9. Sorted for Glasgow and London, also gonna look at that When We Were Young festival in Vegas and also possibly an Atlanta GA - Charlotte NC - Nashville TN roadtrip in the summer. Buzzing! P.S. fcuk Matt Skiba 😂
  10. That is a long fcuking tour, March 2023 thru February 2024. Wonder if all dates are gonna be announced at once?
  11. Cheers mate! You too Yep I remember when an early version of Action leaked, I think from the soundtrack of some Madden video game? Really loved that which I guess contributed to disappointment when hearing the rest of the album There is one exception for my general ambivalence to that album btw - Here's Your Letter. Absolutely love that song!!
  12. I was 15 when Untitled came out. Didn't like it at the time, it didn't feel like "real" Blink to me. It has grown on me a lot over the last ~19 years, I do like it now but still nowhere near as much as their earlier albums. And by contrast I love BCR album, one of my favourite albums of all time.
  13. Enema and TOYPAJ definitely feel distinctly different for me. Straightaway in Anthem Part II you've got Tom singing about societal collapse and corruption in politics, there was nothing like that on Enema. You've obviously got lighter tracks later on in the album but in general it feels a lot more serious thematically than Enema. Both absolutely outstanding albums imo, along with Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat. On any given day I could make an argument for any of those four being my favourite album, I love them all deeply from start to finish. Self-titled album I also love but in a different way, I would never consider it as a candidate for my favourite Blink album. It has some great songs on it (including probably one of my top 5 Blink songs Here's Your Letter) but on the whole am less keen on the "darker" vibe of the record. Although oddly I rate Boxcar's album as high if not higher than any Blink album, and that was kind of the halfway house for Tom between TOYPAJ and self-titled in terms of all the difficulties he was going through around the time. Everything since the self-titled I basically don't consider to be on the same stratosphere as "original Blink". Few songs here and there (Wishing Well, Natives, Pretty Little Girl, Sober etc) that I like, and I do listen to all quite regularly, but don't hold it in anywhere near the same esteem as <=2003 stuff.
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