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  1. Well those results are the best (only) indicator of how they will fare against SPL sides. I agree the further back ones are obviously less relevant but the most recent of those matches was only 4 months ago and they got pumped at home off of St Johnstone. And that was under the tutelage of the hallowed Warburton. I know it's not the best data but at least I'm providing some stats behind my opinions, not just anecdotal bollocks that Rangers will challenge for the title next season because they have Warburton and Waghorn lol.
  2. If the Rangers get promoted this season (and it's a big if imo), they will be mid-table at best imo in the SPL next season. I'm sure none of you here will agree with me but just thought it's worth saying so I can refer back to this post this time next season. EDIT: Just dug out Sevco results against SPL teams since the liquidation (in Scottish Cup and League Cup). Played 9, won 4, lost 5, scored 9, conceded 14. If those were league results (not entirely comparable but still) it would be an average of 1.33 points per game, which would see them earn 50-51 points over the course of a season - that would be equivalent to a 6th, 7th and 8th place finish in the last 3 seasons. 26/9/12 - Sevco 2 - 0 Motherwell 31/10/12 - Sevco 0 - 3 Inverness 2/2/13 - Dundee Utd 3 - 0 Sevco 12/4/14 - Sevco 1 - 3 Dundee Utd 16/9/14 - Sevco 1 - 0 Inverness 28/10/14 - Sevco 1 - 0 St Johnstone 30/11/14 - Sevco 3 - 0 Kilmarnock 1/2/15 - Celtic 2 - 0 Sevco 22/9/15 - Sevco 1 - 3 St Johnstone
  3. Yeah. Hate this culture of sacking managers left right and centre. I'd keep him for another few seasons at least and if we're still pish then, then start looking at our options. Embarrassing if anyone wants to get shot of him now after 2 bad results.
  4. Devastated mate. Absolutely devastated.
  5. I absolutely love cup football. Got Ross County in the LC semi this Sunday followed by East Kilbride in the SC last 16 the Sunday after. And Aberdeen away under the lights sandwiched in between for good measure. If Carlsberg did footy schedules!
  6. I saw The Big Short last night, really really enjoyed it. Fascinating and well done to the people who spotted it before it was gonna happen, and had the baws to put all their money on the line. 7.5/10
  7. Unless there was something Halliday did which the cameras didn't pick up on (which is definitely possible), I agree that was a shocking decision for a yellow card. That isn't really my point though, my point is the obvious conflict of interest. To be allowed to referee a match involving a team you used to play for is mind-bending imo. I don't think any of you would dispute that.
  8. Ex-Rangers goalkeeper Barry Cook was the referee at Morton vs Rangers last night. Only in Scotland (or maybe Nigeria etc.) can such an obvious conflict of interest take place. Welcome to Scotland! And folk wonder why Celtic fans are "paranoid"... "Barry Cook has made the transition from promising goalkeeper to aspiring top-class official in a move that has been greeted with some surprise by those who knew him as a prospect who won 27 caps for his country as a youngster"
  9. Haha not seen that, can you dig it out?
  10. As much of a scumbag as Naismith is, he's definitely a good striker. Always hated playing against him.
  11. The Revenant was good. Not as good as I was expecting (I need to stop overhyping films so much!!!). Di Caprio and Hardy were great, and I felt freezing watching it - which I think is a testament to the cinematography! 7/10
  12. Dundee Utd away tonight. Love a bit of Friday night fitbaw.
  13. The Hateful Eight - saw this last week, wasn't blown away by it. I'm a huge fan of Tarantino, Kill Bill is my favourite ever film. I just felt like he played it quite safe with this, it didn't do anything clever or sophisticated. It was just a normal story with a fairly standard plot. The characters and acting and cinematography were great, but perhaps was just expecting a little bit more. 7/10 Sicario - a friend whose film views I value highly told me this was in his top 3 of 2015, so I went into it with high hopes. Started well, the prisoner rescue from Juarez was perfectly tense and suspenseful, but I felt it went downhill from there. Emily Blunt just came off as a weakling, I was expecting her to be a strong female lead. Plot got slightly complicated at times, definitely didn't live up to my expectations this one. 5/10 Off to see The Revenant tonight, buzzing for this one as Di Caprio and Hardy are two of my favourite actors.
  14. The Europa League money has gone up a lot this season. Combine that with ticket sales and it comes to a decent amount. Maybe not by EPL team standards but for smaller teams in other leagues it's really good money.
  15. Where on earth did you get 25/1 for Chelsea top 4? I can't see anything bigger than 14/1 throughout December
  16. Yeah I found that a bit strange as well. I was expecting like...a huge weird monster with at least one gross/bizarre feature. Apart from her eyes, which weren't even that strange, she looked pretty normal to me.
  17. There was one occasion when Giroud was absolute manhandling him in the box, should've definitely been a foul - but he did well to hold Giroud off and get a toe on it to send it out for a corner.
  18. Thought Otamendi and Giroud had a fantastic battle last night, really physical. In fact, I'm surprised neither of them got booked.
  19. Gooners top price 23/20 now, will be an interesting title race. I think the next 2 games will be massive for Leicester, if they can get 3+ points from Liverpool away and City at home then they have to be considered serious title contenders imo.
  20. Just reading some of the Rangers message boards in my lunch break for light entertainment, some of them are actually surprisingly honest: Pretty much 100% agree with that.
  21. Hahahahahahaha Rangers, fucking scumbags. Get it right up yees Deluded folk on here thinking they would walk the league and (wait for it) be challenging Celtic next season ffs hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  22. Oh right. Yeah I don't think he will be, think that was just some stupid rumour that Amazon started.
  23. I really loved this film, though there was a couple of things I didn't like. Below are some of my thoughts: Good: - Superb chemistry between Finn and Rey, thought both characters were absolutely superb. BB8 too - Han's death scene was brilliant, the way they showed him plummeting off the walkway was perfectly done imo - They got the balance right between new characters and old, was great to see Han, Leia, Luke, R2 and C3PO (and a few others) - The locations were incredible, Maz's temple in particular looked amazing, and I loved the snowy forest at the end. Looked spellbinding in the lightsaber-twilight - I like how various things were left open for interpretation, presumably for Eps VIII and IX (Rey's background, Snoke's background, Kylo's future, Luke and Leia reunion, how Maz got Luke's lightsaber etc.) Bad: - I don't like how Rey was a match for Kylo in the lightsaber duel. OK she may be Luke's kid, and she may have some semblance of the force, but I thought it was meant to take extensive training to even become half-competent with a lightsaber. It kinda undermines the skill it takes to become a Jedi imo - I didn't think the score was as noticeable in this film as in previous films - The whole finale of someone deactivating the shield, then fighters flying in and blowing up the main generator was a bit samey (already seen it in Eps 4 and 6), could have been a bit more original - I didn't think Chewy was as likeable in this instalment for some reason Questions: - Aria, are you saying Finn is Lando's kid? Where are you getting that from?
  24. I think it was an insane decision to fire him at this point. They should've given him the season, if he's lost the first team (as the media would have you believe) then he should've been given a mandate to play some youth players. Hiddink the replacement so I'm hearing btw.
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