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  1. Sure hope they tour this year. I've been having withdrawls lol
  2. My tracking says it will be here tomorrow., I wonder...
  3. nice lol I met Johnny & Eyeshine at a Power Rangers con I went to a month ago from today's date xD
  4. Didn't even mention them just now, maybe they already played?
  5. If you listen to the commentary with AVA & Will., toward the end of the movie when Lee Miller enters his name into the computer on the space ship., Will says there is a special "easter egg" about the binary number that is displayed. The binary number is 10011101 When converted to decimal the number is 157. There is no alphanumeric character associated with that binary code either. & Alt Character 157 is ¥ Any idea what this means?
  6. Got my second package today. Thank god it wasn't a purse/tote thing again.. got 2 bracelets and a ring bracelet..... at least one of them was a tbarker one,....
  7. I got a stupid tote with the 6 arrows, chrome smiley.... i hated that bag while it was in stores. So plain and thin, not to mention I'm a dude... So, I decided to be a nice brother and give it to my sister. Also, bought another "preorder" packages in hopes for something better.
  8. Before the 8pm EST time, they played the 4 extra clips they posted on youtube these last few weeks showing more of each of the interviewee characters of the movie. There was a countdown clock in the bottom corner counting down til the movie start. At 8pm sharp, that Kut U Up guy, Chris Kote, came on stage live and kind of explained what was going to happen throughout the showing. Then the movie started. Was about 1hr 30mins or so maybe? Immediately after the final credits AVA played their short set of 3 songs taking around 20 minutes or so. Short Q & A 15mins? Followed by the intro and build up for the new video New Video END
  9. Movie = 9/10 ( If you can follow it, it's pretty good) The ending seemed very messy though they lost me toward the end Anxiety = 10+ Idk, something about it is catchy about it and I really like it Show = I don't even know what to rate it. It had potential but the singing seemed below par even for tom. The music and such was good, just lacked energy in my opinion. After the feature film someone yelled out "bullshit" kind of disrespectful, but I could see how some people wouldn't like it. There were about 30 people in the theatre in Portage,IN
  10. $25 out of the 199 vip goes to keep a breast for vip and $250 of the 500 go to it for the aaa if i read correctly... either way, not doing it.
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