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  1. Is it weird Travis unfollowed everyone minus his kids and the Kardashians on Instagram?
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/AngelsAndAirwaves/comments/o05oyk/restless_souls_leak/
  3. So according to a recent interview Travis stated that they are going to start recording a new album later on this year…… wtf happened to that album that was 60% done?
  4. I honestly don’t think it’s mark…. I think it’s Matt. Mark’s said in interviews Matt’s weird about the whole thing…. And I feel like the past two years Matt’s been really weird about blink. I think this year or next we’ll get an update stating he’s down….. but hey, what do I know?
  5. Y’all think with all these blink pics Mark, Tom, And Travis have been posting that it makes Matt uncomfortable?
  6. https://youtu.be/9PLoiR5e-_8 paper thin ft Tom
  7. https://youtu.be/H-axgzapqEc
  8. You’re welcome? This is that Oliver tree remix with that Adam song riff in the intro 🥴
  9. Have y’all noticed Matt Skiba’s been quite about Blink since he went off on that one kid?
  10. Does anyone think Matt is way too quiet about blink? He usually post studio stuff.
  11. Easy.... ya look at the followers. It’s a no brainer.
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