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  1. Dungeon Fighter. Addictive Korean MMO made by Nexon (dudes behind Maple Story). It's basically a throwback to side scrolling fighters except with more of an RPG styling. The graphics are also very SNES-era. Very awesome.
  2. So pumped for this movie. You can tell Disney have done a lot of research in to video games and the characters for this movie. There's character from obvious games like Mortal Kombat and Sonic, then they have a villain from an indie game that, as far as I know, didn't really get that popular (Misery from Cave Story). Hopefully these characters will have more of a role in the film than a small cameo in 1 scene.
  3. Prusty

    Diablo 3

    If any one here plays on the America servers, add me. I'm Australian so it could be rare for us to be on at the same time, but you can never have too many bros. Battletag: Zinspawn#6924 Level 60 Witch Doctor (Inferno) Level 60 Barbarian (Hell, almost done) Also, the RMAH (Real Money Auction House) came out in the last maintenance. Already seen reports on reddit and d2jsp of people making over $180 off well-rolled legendaries. Obviously it's not enough to make a living off, but any extra money in the pocket is good money.
  4. EVE Online. Internet spaceships r srz businezz
  5. Dark Souls. Starting to get tired off it though. NG++++ just isn't fun anymore. Need to mess with some new character builds.
  6. Started playing the EVE Online trial. I'm loving the game at the moment. It has a really steep learning curve, it's kind of like Dwarf Fortress except with spaceships and awesome graphics. Probably pick up the full version at the end of the trial.
  7. Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger passed a bill that made it illegal to sell games that contain any human harm in them to under 18 year old. The SC found it to be unconstitutional and basically said that it's impossible to do anything like that to video games because they now fall under the 1st amendment. If something like this passed in Australia, it'd mean that no games could be censored or banned because it would be illegal to do so. We'd have a proper L4D2 and Mortal Kombat would be on sale here.
  8. http://techland.time.com/2011/06/27/supreme-court-video-games-qualify-for-first-amendment-protection/ This is awesome for you guys. Unfortunately the government over here is too retarded to see it like this. Can we borrow your supreme court for a while?
  9. Video games are now covered by the first amendment by freedom of speech as they're now classed as art, like books, plays and movies. I'm not 100% sure what this means for Americans (obviously nothing for Aussies) but does that mean that you guys can't have games censored now as it would be going against the 1st amendment?
  10. Dissappointed that I've heard the movie was shit. Ryan Reynolds is a perfect match for Hal Jordan, the over egotistical dick, suits perfect.
  11. I've been looking to buy all the books before the next season starts. Not sure if it's a good idea to read them and know what's going to happen in the show or leave it be and experience the show for itself. Readers of the books have been claiming that the show is pretty much 99% on track with the book and leaves nothing out
  12. That's on iPhone. ZENONIA3 is the bomb, makes my poo breaks 3x longer though. Been playing Spiral Knights, some little Free to Play game on Steam. It's energy based so you can only do a certain amount of stuff per day, so it's perfect for people like myself who get stuck in games and lose way too much time, like when I play Zenonia on the shitter.
  13. I love it. Have to download it here in Australia but I've seen the complete season. Most of my friends love it too and even my wife is in on it now. Probably the only show we actually both enjoy. Completed devastated that Season 2 isn't out until next year.
  14. ATTN: Aussies (except Victorians)! NRL predictions... There we go.
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