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  1. I know it said a lot, but I hate Tom's guitar tone, sometimes it's barely audible.
  2. Here is a new Travis interview - http://www.famoussas.com/home_detail.php?id=17908
  3. The worst thing about Neighbourhoods in my opinion was Tom's guitar tone. Now I know this thrown back and forth, but I found that it isn't very audible, or clear in the mix and sounds very fuzzy. I think the song Kaleidoscope had more potential, and I would have scrapped the intro to Natives and changed the guitar part. I think when I look back when each member expresses how they feel they have matured I think songs like Fighting Gravity, After Midnight, Love Is Dangerous and Ghost On The Dance Floor were displayed that growth in the band.
  4. What does everyone, who has seen them live either on this tour or on the Honda Civic tour last year, of their stage show? When I saw them in Manchester there were some points in their set where I thought some of the clips they use on the screens during each song didn't fit or go a long with the song. What are other people's opinions on this?
  5. I couldn't agree more. I went to the Manchester show and I loved it, but the only criticism I have is that Tom's guitar tone is just bad, it's not very audible, especially when he's palm muting, and the the bass and drums just drown it out.
  6. How would people feel if Blink were to do a stadium tour?
  7. The best album that Tom and Travis were a part of that sounded raw, and like it was being performed live was the Boxcar Racer album.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/YearsUK?sk=app_204974879526524
  9. Ok, so I rarely ever post on here but after watching a couple of songs from those videos something has got to change. Mark sounded terribly off key, it's only when Tom adds his vocals that it actually sounds alright. It might be jut be the wear and tear of touring, but I've noticed this same problem in a lot of videos that have popped up since they reunited. Does anyone else agree?
  10. It would be nice to see some different rips of shows or TV stuff, that a lot of people on here may have not seen.
  11. What kind of release are we looking at? Old ones, or new ones?
  12. I can agree with that, and although I feel quite ashamed to say that, once when someone used a Blink song as their Face Book status that may have been off Cheshire Cat or Buddha I mistook for another song. I'm not entirely sure why I've never listened to much of their early early material, I've liked what I've heard though and actually I think I might delve into it a more.
  13. Any chances of getting some of these releases up on the site? Not just on the #blinkReBels channel?
  14. I'm going to go with what that other guy say, and go with that they'll play it on KROQ radio station somewhere around time of the Almost Acoustic Xmas.
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