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  1. the idea i had for this was like you've just met this person that nobody thinks is right for you but in your heart you know they are and it doesn't matter what they think. this is the first time i've kinda wrote an idea down and based a song around it. its kinda fun. As we stand on this stage We turn and face the crowd Nothing but tears, teeth and turbulance And I think to myself "we won't make it out alive." A life handed to me on a silver platter And I choose the latter. It doesn't matter what they say You hafta go with your gut Cus' at the end of the day And when it all comes down to it They aren't the ones that have to Take a walk in your shoes An outsiders voice A strangers cry A friendly piece of advice They all equal about the same Write them off and remember The moment you've abandoned this ship Is the moment you've abandoned yourself
  2. the first song the bassline is rocking i love it
  3. saves the day singalongs are the best
  4. I'm drunk off a headache i love this line
  5. Havent wrote in a year This is what i've been kicking around in my sick head tonight. I could add up all the times you made me feel complete, Still completely useless and completely cheap. But it still wouldnt equal how fucked up you've made me. And I've come to terms with consistance While we deny our children their rights I was wrong when I said I was scared of losing my audience. It's common courtesy to take things as they come Too break old habits and abandon the fiction We are all creatures of habit And there's no hiding between the lines.
  6. its probably because your playing on tombs instead of toms
  7. its not the best but i like mine
  8. i have the 50 its fucking loud
  9. fuckin bruins sucked this year
  10. And I suppose I'll sleep when I'm dead and instead of making a fuss about it I just won't bring these charges of treason against my bed I suppose I'll just be happily fucked instead i fucking love this part haha what type of music are we putting her too
  11. why dont you just play the song through speakers and pretend to play it?
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