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  1. so did this tom pursuit of sound documentary air? I seem to be out of the loop. Is it online?
  2. So, Travis Barker blocked me on twitter. I have never once tweeted at Travis, or mentioned travis in anything I have ever tweeted. However, I have ripped on Tom pretty hard a few times... maybe he saw a few things I've said and went out of his way to block me? Bizarre.
  3. darn, like many others- I also checked this thread far too late. I actually drove from Toronto to Philly, down through Dover into Baltimore Tuesday, and came home yesterday. Based on my schedule, I missed blink by just one day at Firefly. Fackkkkk. I looked into the tickets and you could only buy a pass which was $400 and covered the entire festival. No single day tickets!
  4. Sorry guys here are a few photos of Skiba's GPC custom. I have it in a glass case in my music room. 100 were made. I had all of Alkaline Trio sign it a while back. I also have a Dan Andriano GPC Bass as well. Just 25 were made of those bad boys Without further delay:
  5. I do. You messaged me one time wanting high res photos of the tm Gibson delonge but never got back to me.
  6. Wow. This place has hit an All Time Low Discussing who's cheated? We literally have brand new blink-182 music out and you people are wrapped up on who's cheated and who hasn't? Unbelievable. You all must be bored to death and sitting at home maintaining that 8% American unemployment rate. Unbefuckinglievable.
  7. Whats absolutely bizarre, is I was thinking about these hometown boys on the way home from work this evening. I log in here and see a new song. Winner gagnon.
  8. Tom, what is your take on mutual masterbation? Thx -TRVS
  9. Good memory, scholar!!!
  10. Ok I'll post photos later tonight when I return from work. No problem at all
  11. I was lucky and purchased FLOOR/GA/PIT tickets for the Toronto, ON show. Yassssssssssssssss
  12. I have a brand new, 2002 signed matt skiba GPC guitar locked up in a glass display cabinet in my guitar room. Shes a fucking beaut.
  13. Not trying to be a stick in the mud, but... we have to think of the flipside. It may be an official member announcement but it doesnt mean he's permanent.
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