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  1. So, I might have a pair of seats for detroit dte energy music theatre for sale. They are Left Center Row LL Im only asking for face value so if you are interested please let me know.
  2. Got 8 tickets for the Detroit show. 2 seats and 6 lawn. its my girlfriends 21st bday so we got the 2 seats but we are going to be chillin on the lawn with friends until blink comes on.
  3. trust me i know its crazy, i had brand new tickets for their last tour and someone paid me a 110 for tix. but like i said ill still keep a look out. do you live in the detroit area cause im sure 89x will prolly give some away, so if you are keep your ears open.
  4. the only tickets i have found were on ebay and it looks like its going for 91 dollars a pair so thats pretty steep, but if your willing to pay it they are on there. if i see any others ill let you know.
  5. actually they are all sold out now. unfortuatly i only had the money to buy 2 so i dont have any extras. ill keep my eyes and ears out for anyone that is looking to sell them. Sorry!
  6. nah, they havent sold out yet. im sure it will soon though, cause 89x is putting it on and they prolly want tickets for all their friends, family ex... so i would reccomend getting them soon.
  7. tickets are on sale now. i bought mine this morning
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