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  1. daveo

    The NHL thread

    fucking bruins man. breaking my heart.
  2. Michael Jordan has a fucking golf hole in his back yard.
  3. HXpYk7WGN5Y What the fuck happened to him? Drugs? Publicity stunt? Both? I didn't see this posted anywhere else, if it was, sorry.
  4. It's pretty much owned/run by Jeff Jarrett yeah, separate company. Jeff Jarrett and his dad used to own it but they sold it to some woman. TNA used to be awesome and looked like they were going to take down the WWE a few years ago, now it sucks 5x worse than the WWE. And the WWE is barely watchable right now.
  5. You'd have to install this: http://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?mod=185 I'm not sure if its compatible though, since the creators last update for the modification was SMF 1.1.3. And this board is on SMF 1.1.5. Might be worth a shot though.
  6. http://www.tmz.com/2008/09/22/chris-bakers-final-photo/ its what lil chris wrote in his last email with a picture of him before he died in the plane crash that travis was in... have u been living under a rock ? where can I find this?
  7. daveo

    The NHL thread

    I can't wait till the Bruins get rid of Manny Fernandez. What a loser.
  8. Excuse my ignorance. Who is Little Chris? Travis' assistant I think. He was always on that show Meet The Barkers with him
  9. Probably couldn't with a Cadillac logo on the front. But maybe they have other stuff with a Cadillac logo on it, I've never looked at all of their merch before. Didn't they have a Cadillac belt buckle?
  10. The best part of the article was the 5 star rankings everybody had. Mostly everyone had like 2 star ratings because fans of each frontman probably voted it low, but Fred Durst was the only one with a perfect 5 star rating saying they agreed with the selection.
  11. daveo

    The NHL thread

    Bruins tie the series at 3! Bahahahahahah
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