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  1. I just wish they would release the footage that keeps popping up from 03,04 somehow. It'd be interesting to see.
  2. Get rid of the joke songs. And Add 2-3 more legit songs. FFS
  3. Ugh fuck! play 2 hits then a new song or something. Shake it up. so far only 1 new song on the set really.
  4. Didn't they say soundcheck would be songs not on the setlist?
  5. I'm super stoked to hear as many California songs as possible. They best deliver with all this teasing.
  6. I feel like Mark's afraid to play anything but hits. It's 2016. Crowds are generally dead no matter what. Play some deep cuts FFS.
  7. Yep. Fake setlist. Watching videos on the venue's facebook. Same setlist as always.
  8. Tom needs to stop. I'm fucking sick of this happening over and over and over and over.
  9. Meanwhile Matt publicly deals with heat for "not being Tom" professionally. Tom is only hurting himself at this point.
  10. The only thing that could make Tom write anywhere near BCR level would be Travis' drumming. But it would still be a letdown.
  11. I'd laugh if the only talking that actually happened between the two is what we see on Twitter. "Hi" "Yo" "Hey guys, I was just talking to Travis!!!"
  12. Doesn't take away Tom's annoyingness. haha.
  13. Given Tom's current mental state. I wouldn't be surprised if it is Tom himself or at least some kind of PR person for him.
  14. After all of this fucking shit, I swear to God if they EVER let Tom back in the band after continuing to shit on the band like this, I'd rage. I can't see him being on stage at all again with Mark at this point. It's like junior high lunch hour with this band right now. Tom's mad because he isn't allowed to sit at the same table as the popular kids, so he keeps talking shit while everyone else is trying to move on with life. Go make a band with your so called CIA friends you delusional asshole. That checkbook must be getting low again.
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