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  1. Top 3 After midnight Snake Charmer Hearts All Gone Bottom 3 Wishing Well Love is Dangerous Kaleidoscope
  2. i got the same guitar but it's navy blue and it doesn't have that cool pickguard. had it for like 2 years now....
  3. holy fuck i just found out their back.....that just made my fucken day. been waitin 4 years for this shit to happen lol. tom that doucher finally quit that AVA bullshit
  4. DazBoot


    im lookin for a guitar amp and i dunno if i should get the marshall jcm 900 combo or the jcm 2000 dsl combo..dont really know what to get lol i like playin alot of blink and plus 44 and some old rock and shit but yah
  5. hahaha Tom is losing it. thinks his lil documentary is gon be in theatres
  6. DazBoot


    alright then.. thanks i'll look into that
  7. DazBoot


    marshal jcm900 combo maybe
  8. DazBoot


    what do i get if i just want to play like distortion then turn off the distortion to clean. i'm like a noob and this shit lol been playin for 2 years and i know nothing about pedals
  9. DazBoot


    i got a fender fat strat and a kustom solo 16R..probably gettin a new amp in a month or so. hopin to get a marshall pretty quick
  10. DazBoot


    well i dont really know anything about pedals but i wanna get one. so what kinda should i get for a first pedal?
  11. DazBoot

    tab help

    yah i was checkin that guitar pro thingy out.. well i learned it so thanks
  12. DazBoot

    tab help

    i'm learned how to play "miss you" live by blink 182 but i cant figure out that crazy endin so can someone send the tabs to me? i might play this at my friends funeral oh and i need the bass (Live) tabs too. asap
  13. my favorite performance was the one at the teen choice awards...
  14. DazBoot

    guitar cable

    what kinda wireless guitar cables does tom and mark use?
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