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  1. What songs are standing out for you guys so far? I really like Whispers in the Dark, Reminder, and Hopeless Wanderer. I prefer the album without the bonus tracks, but maybe they'll grow on me.
  2. 2 songs in and I'm really liking it. My worry is that with 15 songs there are bound to be some bad ones and that Babel won't be as consistent as Sigh No More.
  3. LOL, Heaven is like one of their only good songs. In fact may be my favorite AVA song, either that The Adventure or Rite To Spring, or maybe Call To Arms. That dog barking ruins it for me every time
  4. Apart from Bought A Bride and At The Bottom, the whole album is just pointless screaming to me. I like screams, but they have to be balanced with singing, or used as an accent. As well as that, 'Gasoline' put me right off side with the album too, I hate that song. Gasoline was one of the few that I liked, including the others you listed. I really hated "Daisy" (the song). It sounded to electronic and club-ish to me.
  5. I love Disarmed and Words in the Water
  6. I made a playlist of my 31 favourite ava songs and "Saturday Love" didn't even make it. The chorus is just terrible in my opinion.
  7. I love that cover, it's incredible. Thanks for posting.
  8. I think Vheissu has some of my favorite Thrice songs on it, but I prefer Beggars as a whole. It feels more cohesive to me. I haven't listened to Major/ Minor enough, but I agree it seemed a little bland. Alchemy Index has some of the best songs though.
  9. Thrice has been going uphill for a while now... ever since Vheissu actually.
  10. Ahhh the people of this generation. Go watch Andromeda Strain the 1971 version. That movie is a sci fi masterpiece that has little action and tons of dialogue, you probably would of gotten bored and turned that off also. Kids in this era have zero patience. The best sci fi movies are the ones with long buildups and tense dialogue. All the greatest sci fi classics didn't need crazy action or big explosions to make the history books. Why do you think (Space Odyssey 2001, Planet of The Apes, Soylent Green, Brazil, Andromeda Strain, Omega Man etc....) are all topping the list. Sure those movies h
  11. I watched 40 minutes of this movie and had to turn it off because it was too boring. I'm going to give it another go though.
  12. I thought the same thing about Viva La Vida. I really like the new album though, it seems like a return to their old form.
  13. Top 3: Even if She Falls Wishing Well After Midnight Bottom 3: Snake Charmer Heart's All Gone MH 4.18.2011
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