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  1. Yeah I think I'm gonna leave it as the "dammit" version for now, who knows
  2. Stickers from Davey came! 1 hour work and it's done! Here is the final result. I think it looks cool.
  3. Tried to find that early buddha-cheshire distortion sound that can be heard on "ben wah balls", "tranvestive", early waggy and so. I very much like that outcome.
  4. I'm close to find the Buddha Demo/Cheshire Cat clean sound What do you think?
  5. Oh just a shitty fender frontman one connected to guitar pro 5
  6. Look what came out of Hot Rails + JBJR neck position! I'm in love with it's sound
  7. Just managed to get these older model seymour duncans! How nice she is now... Still need to make a good cut at the bridge from the older pickguard, but this warmoth is good enough until I do that. The X2N sounds awesome and crunch, a lot more bite than my other invader.
  8. Here's a very early one: Is that the gorilla biscuit sticker? This one look too dark and rounded...
  9. It costed 900$ with a new set of SD (250$ value), got it on ebay from the 1st owner which kept it for 28 years without even touching it... absolutely pristine condition. Played a little bit with the lightning so it's really white now I got a pickguard with a slanted humbucker from warmoth but it looks like yours, the cut is too close to the middle pickup.
  10. It's really not a deluxe plus model. Although some deluxe models came with the 2 point standard tremolo bridge, some models came with this locking bridge which is different than what Tom used when he got it: Also no LSR rollet nut like Q182 said. Tom had a standard bone nut. and no 2 string trees at the headstock which american standard models came with. I can't see a reason on earth to change or mess with a bone nut on a new strat back then. not even for an upgrade. Deluxe series came with either Sperzel or Schaller locking tuners, Tom had none of them on h
  11. I think Tom changed the bridge at around 1997, from an original american standard to somewhat of vintage/classic bridge. As you can see here, the holes for the strings are kind of bigger..
  12. What do you think of my beauty? It's an exact specs, american standard strat from '89 (E serie). It has 2 roller string trees like in Tom's old strat, and same 2 point bridge. Color is a beautiful olympic white that hasn't aged very much to yellow (sat mostly in it's case for many years). I'm to afraid to make it ugly with the stickers haha, probably just change the pickups to the same SD+X2N
  13. Nope that's the same VHS I have with Blink's set on it, That is the taper who filmed all the Florida shows at that time.
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