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  1. oh my gosh it sounds so new! like nothing they've ever done before!
  2. wow good find my man. this is so great. now i know. cooooool.
  3. someone tell this guy that his music is sub-par. you're average teenager with an effects pedal and a guitar could whip this shit up. probably minus the corny lyrics about running through streets of hope.
  4. but his music sucks. it would take a band like U2 or something to do this.
  5. i think they're tryin a bit too hard. like tom does. goin for that U2ish thing.
  6. I don't think "genius" is the right word for Tom, but his singing is definitely a good part of the songs. I wouldn't want any instrumentals. The lyrics are what's uplifting about the songs.
  7. I think the world needs to get over the fact that people change. And 10 years after he writes a song about his dick, he's gonna be writing songs about topics that are a little different. I really wouldn't wanna see Tom being a 50 year old dude talking about his ass.
  8. The only annoying thing is all these myspace kids who have heard 3 songs from them and post pics of them on their myspace with shit like "OMG Summer 09 SooOOOOo EXcitED!" Stupid.
  9. Theedge00, is that a little video of U2 in your avatar? Love it.
  10. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMfj6JVEQHM Slick.
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