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  1. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah AWESOME !!!! GENIOUSLY !!!! can't stop laughing! already shit my pants ^^
  2. 4 those who were not able to hear it on the official hp or 4 those who dont live in america ... www.skatepunkers.net/2016/04/blink-182-stream-new-song-bored-to-death.html
  3. Here it is ... suckers! love me ... and suck my balls www.skatepunkers.net/2016/04/blink-182-stream-new-song-bored-to-death.html
  4. Wow! Tom is losing money fkn fast! he had to sell his studio!
  5. Guitar sound on the new album will be fuckin awesome! I love skibas sound! Can't wait to hear the first single!
  6. This is what the new blink album will sound like! ... mixed with a mark verse ! can't hardly wait!
  7. heres another one! made by myself! tom nailed it!
  8. Hey guys, i upluaded some videos i made from 2004-2012 u'll get 10 more tomorrow! heres my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClKPdWw4yLG7N19LJSEKT4g especially 4 speedo: you can see their kids in the background ... pedobear
  9. And here is an older one ... No Silence For Sale as supportact of Bam Margera and CKY
  10. Tom delonge in black/white/surf green! surf green with invader, black with sh-4 (jeff beck) and the white one with sh-6 (distortion) Epiphone tom delonge Epiphone - ES 339, pelham blue and customized by myself Peavey Valve King, shematic customized by myself (new EQ, 3 channels, more deep end, less gain, reverb switchable, effect switchable) also kicked out the grill and logo and replaced it a batman logo and white cover Marshall 1960 Cab im thinking about gettin a hughes&kettner tubemeister 36, but they r damn xpensive .. 750 bucks maybe ill buy a bugera T50 instead ... its 390,-
  11. This ones for you Cheerios4u98 !!! And i will fuck your mum in the ass ... i will fuck your dad in the ass ... will also fuck your dog Quote mark, tom and travis show"But you are too young, way too young" to understand the blink spirit ... you were 6 years old when they made fun of fucking their mum and dad and playing with their own wieners! you are a "cool kid" too cool to unterstand self-irony BUT NOW ... BACK TO TOPIC!
  12. Watch, share, like and/or buy it cheers from ausria! http://www.youtube.com/NoSilenceForSale http://www.facebook.com/NoSilenceForSale
  13. regirstered since 2007 is new? ... you joined 7 years later ^^ haha
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHA ... and tom delonge released 4 Albums in 2015 didn't he promise?
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