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  1. Travis' daughter also has instagram. That kid's what. 5? 6? 7?? The comments are even creepier. She's just a little lass, she shouldn't be on that thing! She shouldn't even have a phone! hahaha
  2. Don't know if this was mentioned before, but himynameismark.com will soon be an apparel store... apparently. I only vaguely remember him talking about the Octopus being something more. But I wasn't really paying attention haha. Haven't been to that site since the band's reunion. I was actually looking for one of his entries and that's what's up.
  3. Haha they didn't do the random scream they usually do after the first chorus. Mark's turning 40 omg he's so old... I feel ooold!
  4. Tom licking Mark is so funny and adorable... I love when they do homo moments like that. XD /oldshit but still. : )
  5. Not really a banter or anything, but this is my favourite After Midnight first chorus scream: 2:05
  6. yes..we DO know what his producing is like...how about..uh.....enema of the state...toypaj... mt & t show, box car racer, blink self titled. his producing comes through in the music. and give the guy some respect, seriously. he suffered a tragic death and was taken way to soon, leaving behind family and tons of friends. he was a great producer and obviously an even better friend to blink, among a lot of other people. none of us have any idea what kind of a producer jerry finn was. Untitled was "produced" nothing like Enema or Toypaj. Neighborhoods was "produced" nothing like Untitled. Yeah, he was a good producer, judging by the shit he has his name on, but for fans to sit around acting like he would have changed this and that is just ridiculous. It's more disrespectful to act like you have any idea about Jerry Finn or what he did in the recording process imo. It's turned into some kind of creepy scapegoat. Mark said they got to the same point they would have with Finn, but that it just took a bit longer. I'll take his word on that. I don't really post... just come here for news and opinions every now and then. I just HAVE to support your statements - - totally agree and understand (not just the bold parts either). RIP Finn, the what-ifs won't bring him back. I like to think of it as a Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan type of relationship. As for the topic, I'm glad the break-up happened. Adds to the drama and depth of the songs. If they never broke up, I just can't see what else they'll be singing about after S/T that would be relevant or interesting. Also, if "Neighborhoods" was used back then, I'd consider it the corniest album title ever haha. I don't think the explanation now would be as profound back then had they not broken up.
  7. Feb 08, 2011 = 2/8/11 omg! blink numb3rzss backwardz!!1!!!1 I did squeal a tad bit at work though, when I wrote that date down and had an idiotic grin. ? When he interviewed Ozzy on a different spin. he asked Ozzy what he listens to right now. After which, Mark joked, "So you probably listen to a lot of Bieber right?" To which Ozzy responded "Who the fuck is Bieber?" Oddly, this kind of became mainstream news. It wasn't everywhere, but it did show up on the likes of CNN and whatnot. Prolly cuz everyone is so obsessed with him right now for whatever reason that I can't understand. yeah i have seen it. i thought there was a real commercial now^^ There is, it aired during th super bowl. It has Ozzy and Bieber advertising the phone networks of the future (5g, 6g, etc.) I honestly forget what it was for, and it wasn't funny, but it totally did happen because of Mark's comment. yeah, here: it really isn't funny, but knowing it was because of Mark....... that "who the fuck is justin bieber?!" clip has 1.6million views haha.
  8. HAHAHAHAHA @ Ozzy and Bieber's commercial. It's not even really funny. The fact that Mark indirectly caused it is what makes it funny [to me].
  9. Happy 7 years to blink's self-titled record!!! bought mine on the 29th because the nearest record store was late as fuck. and I remember the day because of a bunch of 11's: 2003 = 11 years of blink 11 months of production for that album. or rather, 11 months from start to release date. purchased 11 days late. XD
  10. ^^^haha the intro sounded like it was gonna transition into Let It Be. http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/who/latest-news/article/-/8256437/kieshas-mum-we-didnt-kill-kiesha/ I only read this article because the [freaky-looking] woman has a FSAS shirt on. /randomfangirlmoment
  11. Where do I Won't Be Home for Christmas, Dead Man's Curve, Good Times, Transvestite, Man Overboard, Zulu, Wrecked Him, etc fall under? I so wanna see them duet Dead Man's Curve. =D
  12. reaction to Mark's last 2 tweets: HAHAHAHAHA and yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. Good sign and NOT a good sign. XD I wanna hear it. EDIT: Ooooh my 182nd post!!!! haha I loved this! saw this like nearly a decade ago! rick devoe's appearance is lolz. can't remember if in the end, this is where mark talks about star wars and the at-at walkers or something. if not, it's probably in the same dvd. or not. /random memory
  13. Tom listens to Sigur Ros? Looooooooooooooove x tenfold^12278192841827974
  14. was thinking this too. and perfect timing! 21st is gonna be an awesome night for me. friends and I got a lot to celebrate... -a birthday -going away party to 4 people -10 years of friendship (yeah cheezy, whatevs ) -quarter-century crisis...you know. being/turning 25. haha! might as well throw in blink's 18th, since at least 5 of us are fans, and 3 of us...ultra fans. even though they were "broken up" for 4 years...well...I discredited that term the whole time and hung on to "indefinite hiatus"
  15. Singing together! Duet!! Woot I love their duets!!!
  16. Yeah watch the video of it in the tour section. Tom didn't let go of the mic.
  17. I've read Buddha, Cheshire, and Dude Rance, but I forgot where. And I only remember Cheshire's that Alice in Wonderland cat or something. And that the album cover was stolen from a calendar.
  18. not onstage, KROQ interview: I think, couple of things, if we were chicks, we probably would never come back together. You know girls are so gnarly, like they would never let this stuff just go. But dudes are like, "You know dude, it's cool. Forget it." -->Tom [because I think it's so true of us girls, it's too funny to hear it from him! XD] and when he says "Diaphragm!!" during the Kimmel show.
  19. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was retarded. I love AVA. But please, that? Absurd. That kid's gonna get a neck-brace.
  20. Thinking about it makes me tear up. Like right now. I'm scared for the overwhelming emotions that is to follow upon release!
  21. my birthday! awesome birthday gift. I'm not even prepared to hear it. I'm gonna flip out when it comes out. mixed emotions, I can't wait, yet I don't really want to hear it yet.
  22. LOLOLOL you forgot Transplants. and trvsdjam. bionic Travis!
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