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  1. I quite like the song but this made me laugh, brilliant depiction
  2. Lol didn't Mark think those were the right lyrics for years?
  3. I don't see it, in what way?
  4. I was so excited about this album, had such high hopes... it was so easy for me to be disappointed by it. But it's nothing what I expected. It's not mark, tom and travis "trying" to be blink, it's not a cash in, it feels new and exciting, and at the same time it still feels like blink. I'm so happy with it. They surpassed my expectations 10 times over, which after 8 years of waiting I never ever thought would happen. This is why they are my favourite band and probably always will be.
  5. I've been thinking about that myself. This is obviously something that's generally looked down on (and for a good reason) but if his condition is medical and he keeps sounding like that, he really should consider just lip-synching. The band will never get anywhere if he keeps sounding like a drunken sailor. With blink, it's forgivable because lyrics, and the way they're delivered, are not that important; blink doesn't have a message and their lyrics are not pretentious like AvA's. Also, there's heavier emphasis on instruments and Mark carries half the burden. On top of this blink fans are f
  6. I like that they carried on where they left off, there was a point where I never thought I'd see the day but blink are back together and making new music again finally... that should be all that matters.
  7. Its pretty awesome man, relentlessly hard in some places but definitely worth it. The only complaints I've heard about it are from pc fanboys bitching about the fact that because it's multi platform the graphics engine is out of date by their standards. But its the best graphics I've seen come out of my xbox... so fuck em!
  8. Ah man I'm so far behind! lol! I know what you mean though... when I'm not playing it, I'm thinking about it. I haven't been like this about a game for ages... since fallout 3!
  9. Haha i saw a dude doing that, his horse looked better than mine though... so I stole it while he pissed. Still got it, lol. Ah man, I've only seen one dude get hanged but I wasn't quick enough to save him Has anyone done the flower picking side mission for that guys wife yet? nothing about flower picking appeals to me.... fuck that shit Haha do it man, I thought the same but just came across a load of the sages when having a wander about and the cut scene when you give the guy the flowers was funny shit!
  10. I hated her till i watched that. Her singles make her seem like any old shitty pop artist. That was fuckin awesome though... shit
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