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  1. I think things like this are definitely worth their own thread. I come on only once a week for just a few minutes and don't have time to read through 100 pages of posts.
  2. A few of the songs have parts I enjoy! Theres not enough catchy guitar riffs and too much yelling. Sounds like Skiba yells everything he says. I didn't think I would like it because I'm not really into that type of music any longer, but I had to give it a listen anyway to remind me of my teenage years.
  3. Don't like the album at all but figured I wouldn't to begin with. Had to listen anyway.
  4. I think you underestimate how stupid Tom actually is.
  5. One of the best blink songs ever?
  6. I do think they sound a lot alike. Maybe that's part of the reason I get such a +44 vibe from the song. I don't mind it though, but it might be different on an entire album than just one song. Guess we'll see.
  7. I got a +44 vibe to it, especially the first verse. Which isn't a bad thing because I loved +44.
  8. Syracuse for sure. Bands never come that close to home
  9. Does sound like Travis' drumming.
  10. ^ My parents have that bench at their house. Its pretty nice. Surprisingly comfortable for a wood bench and has held up well through the NY winters.
  11. Yeah it must be a glitch. Even if you pay Facebook off you can't delete reviews. My parents own a semi-large company and tried to pay Facebook to remove a review and they wouldn't. Facebook has enough money.
  12. I noticed something about 3Ds Eshop.. What is that? It looks like it's a store on the device where I could buy and play old games? Like the old Pokemon games?
  13. .Nick

    Kanye West

    I actually don't really pay attention to the music scene too much. I didn't even know that Tom left blink until a few weeks ago. I was genuinely asking because I didn't know that. I've literally never even heard a song by him. Wasn't asking because I was hating on him... I was asking because I really didn't know. So yeah I guess you could say I've had my head in the sand. If it says anything of my ignorance I haven't even heard of the majority of the people you've listed as respecting Kanye.
  14. .Nick

    Kanye West

    He's well respected? By who?
  15. .Nick

    Kanye West

    Talent is pretty subjective.
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