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  1. great day, great announcement. Glad they are independent, at least for a while
  2. really cool. This is maybe where rock comes in? rock cena and punk work together for a bit? With HHH?
  3. i think tom was fine, he was how an adult tom should have acted. he was fun and goofy and still had good answers. I liked it. He is an awkward adult and was a goofy kid. That is all I think there is to it EDIT: the part I liked a lot is when he kind of down played angels and airwaves, made them sound like a side project and said he knows now that they are not the best thing ever and that it will take a long while if ever for them to get insane fame. Those were not his exact words, but they were kinda close. He also mentioned how he has said dumb things in the passed
  4. I think punk will beat cena at hell in a cell, making cena a transitional champ after they realized ADR was not yet ready
  5. Del rio is good in ring, but they made his character so weak! He was a chicken shit heel and then went in the ring like a crazy bastard, did quite well! I think Cena is a terrible champ and I am hoping punk wins at the next ppv
  6. They were great In Salt Lake City Utah. They sang all the new stuff.. all the fun jokes songs! The set was great. My chem lost their drummer so they were.. meh H2O played my show and that was bad ass! I think one of the cool things is when Gerard stepped in for tom and sang
  7. The thing that makes me think that Punk always has it, is that HHH stumbled and faltered last night... he said some line like... WELL OH YEAH!... You maybe... just... ummmm.... sure he caught his stride VERY quickly after and went into a very meaningful rest of the promo, but he stumbled! Punk hasn't done that in a while. This word feud has been awesome
  8. Going back a few years for me, got red dead redemption going and zelda phantom hourglass on ds
  9. I think tom has done well, he drank on tour for my show, but it wasn't enough to hinder anything it seems
  10. had some good lines of the night! HHH - Dif between me and vince, vince woulda got a beat down cause it was good for the business, but i am gonna kick your skinny fat ass
  11. read that too, from what i am seeing Nash will stay on TV, but no one knows for how long
  12. many people say nash is not good in the ring anymore. sad. I would like to see it. HHH vs punk is a good verbal feud... but i dunno about a match. i hope nash comes out and fucks over HHH, not punk
  13. A year ago I woulda stood up for him, now, NOPE. He and Jeff are being stupid.
  14. no no, there was another recent one then. I dunno, I guess I would not say no 100%
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