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  1. I feel kinda stupid now, cause i didn't notice the clean guitar in the cover ): I thought you meant the other guitar. I don't think that there is a guitar in the chorus.
  2. I can definitely hear a guitar in the chorus. I'm pretty sure there is a youtube video of Tom recording Feeling This, and he is playing that during the chorus. I just think that it's to loud in this cover
  3. I saw that trailer when I went to see Mall Cop yesterday
  4. Did you hire Microsoft Sam for your vocals?
  5. All I've found is a midi thing for All the Small Things, but it isn't to great, and includes bass
  6. I just got a microphone to record stuff using audacity, but it's kinda hard to do much without a drum track I've been looking for a drum track for almost the entire self/untitled CD, Dammit, and All the Small Things. Help
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