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  1. Hello. Im just wandering if you have the spoakne 1998 audio seeming as the link is down.

    1. Speedo


      Thomas hasn't logged on to this site since 2015.

    2. loserkidsrabbit


      I know. i was just hoping hed open his email and see a notification. Although he would of got shittons of notifications over 5 years so would see it.


  2. Notice the tiny crowd and only one person (family friend of Tom's) who seems to be paying attention Circa 1993: http://i47.tinypic.com/iqx7wx.jpg
  3. Apparently the only existing/released footage from a show that blink played on 04/18/1999
  4. Interested in purchasing entire physical and personal collections of rare and not rare dvds/cds of blink-182 bootlegs, very rare radio station promo discs and recordings, even pro recordings, old stickers involving the band, pref logo. I'd also like (preferably) old flyers of the band from different shows, but from anytime is cool too. I'm interested in shirts too. *Unfortunately, I'm only able to to pay via through paypal account or a REAL credit card-to-cash type deal of a website. Willing to pay VERY, very generous amounts too. Please pm me to discuss accepting my offer(s) or you can e-mail me directly at T.Maybank@Yahoo.com
  5. Take some X and listen to this song. It's magical.
  6. Why are people so quick to judge and bash Scott? There would NOT be any blink-182 if it wasn't for Scott and Tom. They're the ones who created the band. As for Scott's playing, his style and beats were absolutely perfect for early blink and for the entire Punk genre.
  7. his first band was Pier 69, then around 1988 he played the bass and sang in The Attic Children. after it he was in a band called Of All Things till 1992 when he moved to san diego. (he lived in southern california since he was 14) of all things was a trio of mark and two of his friends, it was a ridgecrest-based high school garage band, they played covers from the descendents and have 0 own song. once they played at a local festival called oasis, but they mainly performed at parties... i think the above footage is from this band (maybe the attic children was the same band with a former name) Of All Things was the name of the band, they just called their demo tape "The Attic Children"
  8. "Aliens Exist" actually was released as single. It is EXTREMELY rare though to get your hands on one of the actual cds. I've seen them on eBay once or twice though. "Dumpweed" was released like this, too.
  9. I know this is a pointless-ass topic, but to this day, this still drives me insane; is Mark singing "Stay with me" or "Stay, Wendy" in the background, towards the end of "What's My Age Again?"? It could roll either ways.
  10. You all know that if Tom announced something like this, and let a ton of people down, all of you people would be all over his ass.
  11. There will be no "recording in the fall." They were supposed to be recording back in January. It's almost July now. I've given up, completely. There will be no new song, album, anything.
  12. Annotations of an Autopsy - "Welcome to Sludge City"
  13. What are your favorite breakdowns from songs?
  14. Yeah, blink held a party for them being signed to a major label (MCA Records), and Scott's girlfriend broke up with him that night, and he attempted suicide.
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