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  1. Didn’t he say that his royalties from all the albums he was on ended up paying for his college? He seemed pretty appreciative that he got to be part of a successful band for a decent stretch.
  2. While this is good (love Matt? smiling in the background cause' he knows the tattoo blows), I recall there was a close up too. It showed how asymmetrical the tattoo was lol.
  3. Yeah that's the one. Spunkyguitar or whatever the fuck his name was. He was in pretty serious denial about the whole thing.
  4. Does anyone have a picture saved of that horrendous AvA tattoo that was posted on here like 10 years ago? I know the thread is in the Hall of Fame, but the picture link expired I think.
  5. I got to the part where the giant statute starts chasing them and then I had explosive diarrhea and never finished the rest of the movie. Sounds like I didn't miss out on much.
  6. Is the DLC worth getting for BOTW? My understanding is that you get some extra shrines, including some challenges to upgrade the Master Sword so it no longer runs out of energy. Is that about it? I just beat my third Divine Beast. The exploration aspect of the game has become a bit stale to me at this point -- most of the map is empty aside from the same shit over and over (shrines, korok seeds, or enemy camps with lame treasures like a bow that I already have five of). The first half of the game definitely wowed me a lot more than the second half. The side quests also usually feel prett
  7. Cool collab, but aside from the novelty of hearing Grohl + Mick Jagger together, doubt I'll ever listen to this again.
  8. When I first started smoking weed, I watched Stickin' Around and thought it was the funniest shit ever. And I freaking hated Angela Anaconda.
  9. Not sure if it's obscure, but just because no one ever talks about it, the Oblongs featured a relatively unknown (at the time) Will Farrell
  10. Every now and then, a random show that has been completely forgotten will pop up in my head. The Head was such a bizarre show.
  11. Based on his book, he'll probably cheat on her or get bored in a few months. Also having to spend time with the rest of the Kardashians? Dude will want to blow his brains out after a while.
  12. Over-under on them still being together in a year from now?
  13. I had the same issue haha. I had to google it first. Although the miniseries does come up first, and it shows the years (miniseries being the earliest of them all). Still, difficult to initially understand. I'm almost done Part 2 of the miniseries. It's filmed all around the city I live in so it's fun to recognize spots. The hangar bay for the spaceship is just one of our ferries lol.
  14. Season 1 is on the Pirate Bay but only has 1 leecher so it would take a long time to download. Lol just saw it has a 4.8/10 rating on IMDB 😂
  15. That’s fair (same applies to Westworld), although both Firefly and Mando have a fair amount of space scenes. Serenity felt more sci fi than Firefly though IMO. My list is broad because there really aren’t that many good sci fi shows out there.
  16. Been on a sci fi tear lately. Caught up on the Expanse and am watching Battlestar Galactica now that I have a Prime subscription. What are everyone’s top sci fi shows? My ranking would be something like 1. Rick and Morty 2. Firefly 3. The Expanse 4. LOST 5. Black Mirror 6. Stranger Things 7. The Mandalorian 8. Westworld (season 1) 9. X-Files 10. Dark
  17. This is pretty spot on. I like Travis the most out of all the members in Blink in terms of both his talent and personality (he at least seems like a pretty honest and humble guy that has never been an issue for the band except for allegedly wanting money from that musical festival in Australia that he never attended). I've read his book and watched/read pretty much all of his interviews and your post is right on the nose. The fact that you got crabbed by @Ghent is just another example of him conflating valid criticism with hatred/negativity of the band - we saw this all the time right after Ca
  18. I want a Zelda battle royale that is in the format of A Link to the Past where you go through endless dungeons and the enemies you kill are sent to other players' screens. Hell, they could just take that tower with all the increasingly difficult stages in A Link Between Worlds (at the north part of the map in the mountain), and convert it to a battle royale format. That shit would get my dick hard.
  19. Sounds pretty generic overall. The guitar and distortion does sound a bit like Nirvana, like Come As You Are. Just thought this concept was really cool. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/9551482/ai-software-generates-new-nirvana-song-27-years-after-kurt-cobain-death/
  20. Neighborhoods too
  21. I haven't seen it in a few years but my recall is SPOILERS [spoiler] His spouse/ex-wife was crazy and killed him. She was unstable and somehow got to keep the baby. Once the documentary had begun filming, she killed the baby by drowning it in the ocean. She somehow got off from the Court and didn't serve time. The documentary follows the guy's family and their legal fight. Can't recall what ended up happening with his ex-wi
  22. Can't go into too much detail because it would ruin the whole documentary, but it starts off as a documentary for a son of a father who died, so the filmmaker wanted to show the son who his father was.
  23. Bored to Death got a music video, it was just delayed. It was that stupid high school student music video.
  24. It became more about the former and less about the latter as the series went on. He craved the power and adrenaline and clearly the money wasn't an issue at a certain point, yet he kept going.
  25. I think Walt became such an anti-hero that he became an icon for edge lords. It goes even farther than this. The actress who plays Skyler was getting hate mail and death threats. Absolutely absurd people can't even distinguish fiction from reality.
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