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  1. Just googled it. She said something about white men? haha
  2. Yep..Seemed like they were running out of ideas (unfortunately!) Thanks for reminding of that clusterfuck of an episode 🙂
  3. Whats going on with Captain Marvel. Audience score only 62% on RT?
  4. Finished S1 of You on Netflix. Pretty good first season. 7.5/10
  5. Just today I listened to Asthenia, Here's Your Letter, then switched to some Dude Ranch tracks! Shit does not get old 🙂
  6. Loved the Imdb boards too! Used to be part of my post movie watching ritual.
  7. Unpopular opinion... Neighborhoods is aging better than I expected.
  8. In that pic he kinda remind me of Skiba
  9. Last years winner though 😭
  10. Its weird seeing Mark dancing
  11. 21 and up is fine for me...just saying
  12. I just can't believe he still keeps hinting at some revelation, without giving ANY proof lol. Doesn't he know he's being ridiculous? Is he so unaware?
  13. Haha yes! But I'm more into her tbh 😉🙈
  14. 5th ep of You now, probably gonna keep watching this one 😄 (although I stopped watching Ozark after ep 7 lol) @Scott. Are you watching this as well?
  15. A Star Is Born - Good movie, but a bit overrated to be fair. I liked the songs! 7.5/10 Bohemian Rhapsody - Same. 7/10 Not sure Rami Malek's or Lady Gaga's performances were Oscar worthy.
  16. I don't get the deal with Halsey... just another discount Katy Perry.
  17. Still Mark's best song post breakup
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