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  1. Thats still the best one though
  2. Off topic: not gonna lie, I think Taylor Swift has the biggest tour out there right now 😳 (fans staying on the parking lot outside the arena during the show! 😮)
  3. @Elisa Could you please let the YouTube videos start at the exact moment of the bridge? This way, I don’t have to scroll aaaaaall the way through the video 🥰 (jk 😝)
  4. I still use light mode during the day! Every evening I switch manually to dark mode 😭
  5. Tom is the best Blink 182-er 🥰
  6. Cynical is pretty awesome with the Tom meister
  7. What about Mark singing AVA songs 😏
  8. Judging from the comments it was a good show? But last week was better?
  9. The wedding was actually relatively small. The whole Kardashian crew was there, MGK and his wife (Megan Fox) lol. Then some friends/family
  10. Kravis 🫶❤️‍🔥
  11. So Im watching Travis and Kourtney’s wedding special (‘Til Death Do Us Part), and I noticed that Tom didn’t attend the ceremony 😮. Why?
  12. They’re playing again this Sunday? Whut
  13. The moment where the crowd sings back Tom’s I Miss You part is everything. Fuck. I love you all ❤️❤️❤️
  14. Judging from the comments our boys didn’t disappoint 🙂
  15. I completely forgot how they announced that Tom left the band lol
  16. Fuck me, has it really been that long
  17. So this is the first show back together with Tom since when again?
  18. Their festival setlist as expected 🙂
  19. Whats the Sahara tent? Is it for headliners?
  20. I expect a greatest hits set including Edging
  21. Not even that. More like a crappy handjob. Way too hard and dry 🥴
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