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  1. I expect a greatest hits set including Edging
  2. Not even that. More like a crappy handjob. Way too hard and dry 🥴
  3. Anyone have the feeling that this might be their last tour?
  4. Skinhead Rob probably asked him if he dresses up like a monkey
  5. No loyalty whatsoever 😡😡🤯
  6. That’s his cool look 😎 He uses it a lot haha
  7. He pre-recorded those videos/posts probably
  8. Probably wrote that shit in less than a day. Pandering much? 😏
  9. They gave us a Happy Meal and the public loved it
  10. This is the truth for many, but they dont want to admit it 😄
  11. Followed by a post where he @mentions blink
  12. Tom is posting AVA stuff on his Ig? Really? NOW?
  13. They should just cancel the whole reunion at this point
  14. So Edging was released to generate excitement so they could sell expensive tickets?
  15. Mark is bitch slapping us right in the face
  16. My hot take: Our boys desperately need a new sound. Early 90s: crappy punk rock - They owned that shit. Late 90s to early 2000s: pop punk - They owned that shit. 2003: experimental punk rock? - They owned that shit. Late 2000s: more of previous era. Was okay but still kinda weak sauce - Didn’t own that shit. 2016 to 2019: more rehashing but this time from two eras ago. It was alright - Didn’t own that shit. 2023: Edging (so far). Expanding on the stuff from the previous era? Which was on itself a re-take on their previous sound?? Come at me dawg! 🕺💃
  17. I made this super sick video mash-up of FTG and Inception years ago! 😏
  18. They will probably re-release the original Shut Up
  19. Nah bro. Its literally on par WITH 90% of California
  20. Their heart is just not in it anymore
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